Do not confuse this HERETIC with any other by the same name. I did to begin with and I only realized my mistake by chance. Not that I regret checking this one out. Read on to find out why. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

You guys seem to be very old school in your approach to metal. When in your opinion was the best metal produced?
-Without a doubt the 80’s. Can’t be any more specific than that.

In the 80s you could shock the establishment by just wearing a cod piece. How easy is it to shock and upset today?
-That’s very subjective to whom you actually try to shock. It’s just a matter of stretching someone’s moral boundaries and going beyond a certain breaking point. It still as easy I guess, one has to be a little more creative these days, hahaha.

What has been the goal for the band from day one?
-To play music and create albums that would please our personal needs of something that we thought was lacking from the current offers of records.

What is true and not true metal? When does something become phony and fake?
-I can only judge my own actions when it comes to this. I don’t have the knowledge or ability to look in to someone else’s mind to see if they are fully committed to their music. So it’s very easy for me to say, when MY heart and soul are not dedicated to the things I do, that’s when something has become fake, and with my very own conscience as the only judge.

What would you say has been your greatest influences both in sound and aesthetics?
-A bunch of Venom records and everything related to the occult, bizarre and perverted.

Your new album looks great. How important is it that the album looks the right way and not just sounds the right way?
-Formerly it has always functioned as an addendum of little importance. For this particular album it’s a completely different story. It’s part of the entire experience and feeling of the concept which I would like to expand in the future.

How does this new one differ from the previous one? How much are you into progression?
-Conceptual and compositional we have finally reached a stage of something worthy of the word progression. Something which came completely unintentional and in a very natural way. Which is the only difference from our previous work.

What kind of reaction did you get on your previous album and how do you plan on better those reactions with this new one?
-From glorification to incineration and not in between!! That’s how we like, and that’s the way we like to keep it. So we just set sail for our own course.

How much do you guys think about market strategies and commercial impact? Is being anti a good way of selling a band’s name?
The only thing of importance, that we actually try to stimulate by various mediums, is making people aware of our existence. All to a certain limit of course .You can’t really be anti in order to sell your band’s name, at least not when it’s deliberate, that would be a contradiction.

Is there a future?
-Let’s hope so, the next album has almost been completely written and I wouldn’t want the world the end without unleashing another piece of shit upon it, hahaha.

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