HIGHLIGHT KENOSIS didn’t seem too sexy the first time I came upon them. But some further investigating turned me on to them so much that I had to interview them. Oana answered my questions. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I often go for a band just on the basis of the name. How important is it that the band name feels right pronouncing it? How important does the combination of words become for it to work?
-At the very beginning Matei called the band just Highlight. That was not such a good idea because if you would google it, a lot of highlights from sports, news would show up. So he came up with another name not giving up on Highlight and that was Hihglight Kenosis somehow in the same idea expressing the light from above and simplicity. It is not a simple name for a band, for people to remember it easily but if somebody is interested in our music they will learn our name also. I think is important to have a good short name that people can remember fast but obviously we don’t care to much about that theory.

When you live in your own little bubble things might tend to be clearer and make more sense. Have you ever felt embarrassed or awkward about something you’ve written or done when it has been pointed out to you?
-I am a very opened person and I talk a lot about my problems, thoughts, joy, love, family with my friend and often with people that I barely now but that I feel that they are reliable. Writing lyrics is quite the same for me because all the songs are about experiences that I had with: love, my brothers sickness, my parents love, my friends, my fake friends, God, believing in it and so on. I never had the chance of feeling embarrassed or awkward and I can’t feel like that if a situation will appear because usually I write about true things and that does not make feel bad about it.

When you play in a band I guess it is a constant struggle between people. How do you go about getting everybody to be on the same track?
-Well everybody in the band knows what are their attributes. Matei is the composer and the guitarist, I take care of the lyrics, the vocal part, the computer stuff and the technical arrangements and the others play their instrument in a professional way with a contribution for orchestrating the new songs.

When you stand on the outside looking in, at a concert for example, everything looks so glamorous. What is it really like to be in a band?
-It’s like having a full time job and a family in the same time.

From my experience there are a lot of scumbags out there trying to cash in on you. How do you avoid being taken for a ride by the less serious parts?
-It’s the first time I have this question and I’m happy because is true: there are a lot of scumbags out there and I have a lot of stories in 7 years of singing professionally in a “rock band”. If it’s something that sounds profitable for the band I think it over, I’m analyzing, comparing and usually get to a conclusion that most of the time is the correct one. If it concerns me as a singer I usually don’t listen to much because I know my way and what I want to do and the only thing that I focus on is to have a good performance and the rest the manager can take care of it.

On the other hand. How do you find the people that you can trust in this business?
-I don’t know how to find the people that I can trust in, there were some people that just showed up in my life, first in a professional way and after they became good friends. I think it’s good not to have great expectations from people, this way you will not feel betrayed or disappointed.

When you have finished/accomplished something, what do you do with the feelings you get? Do you take them with you and build on them or are they just there for the moment?
-The feeling of accomplishing something gives me peace and a moment of good silence that I enjoy alone and after that I go back on the road and start doing something new, with new energy and more trust in myself.
How do you keep building the bands reputation in a world so full of competition?
-I don’t think too much of the competition. We just make music to enjoy ourselves and our fans and the reputation is the result of our work that often surprises us also.

What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?
-The two albums “Glowing” and “Change”.

What future would you like to see?
-I just want to see myself singing, performing, creating, experimenting with music and musicians, make people happy or help them with something through my work like other artists helped me in different difficult moments of my life.

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