I have a fondness for neo-classical power metal. So whenever I hear anything remotely close to that sound it trigs memories of great times. So did Holy Force. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

When I read your band name one thing I come to think of was right wing Christians waving their bibles declaring the rest of us sinners to burn in hell. What do you see in your band name?
-A: Hello, Battle Helm & everybody, thank you so much for your questions. About Holy Force, this is not a Christian band. In fact I am not a natural English speaker and I am not a Christian, so I didn’t know when I used “Holy” in the name, some people would think about Christianity.

Where did the idea to start Holy Force come from and how did you about finding the right people to work with?
-A: I had the idea to start this band in Winter 2007, but it took a few years to finish this band. It was very hard to find the right people for my band, the vocalist was the hardest one to get, but I am a lucky guy as you see.

Looking at the cover to the album I can see traces of Oriental and Western religious iconographies. What story does the album cover tell?
-A: For the cover, I just told our designer (Alex Yarborough), that I wanted to see a warrior, a dragon and a phoenix, and he came up with this cover. He also heard all the songs for inspiration. He took my background into consideration as well with the eastern-influenced details.

When you have people that have illustrious careers to their CVs what extra edge does that give to the band structure?
-A: I think it helps people know what they are going to get, quality metal from seasoned players. I have surrounded myself with great musicians.

When you have members that have other commitments how do you get it all to work as a band unit?
-A: Holy Force members all have their own bands, but it can’t stop me, I just have to be patient. It’s a very long story about all steps of this band’s history, but I can tell you that all my band members are very nice people, and this is the biggest reason that this album got done.

Is Holy Force to be considered a studio only project or is it a fully working band that will go out on tour?
-A: If people buy our album and support us, we can have tours or even the next album. If people download it from illegal websites, then I am concerned about our survival.

What kind of process do you go through when writing songs? Is it purely inspirational or do you go through a trial and error process too?
-A: I wrote all my songs during a very bad time in my life, and during some very hard moments. The first song I wrote was “Flying”, that song is for a partner, I tried to tell her to not give up on anything. Even when times are hard as hell, we will pass the quest and we will find our sky. Most of my songs are purely inspirational, but some are not.

Your sound is being described as classic metal. What exactly is classic metal?
-A: I love and listen to many kind of music. I love Classical music and Symphony, like Vivaldi, Dvorak, etc. so I guess it is a mix of those.

It is not uncommon for a record to be released by different labels in different territories. When choosing whom to release your album what pros and cons do you weigh in?
-A: I’ve talked some good labels before I meet Music Buy Mail, and my best friend Alex Yarborough (Holy Force Designer) introduced me to Music Buy Mail. He talked to Music Buy Mail before I knew them. I got to tell you, all the people I know at Music Buy Mail are really amazing and so nice, they know what I need and what I want. When I had a problem when I produced this album, they really helped me out a lot.

Do you have anything in particular you want to achieve with Holy Force that you haven’t managed to do before?
A: Yes, if I can have a chance to do Holy Force’s next album, you will see and know what I haven’t done yet in this album.
Thank you so much for your interview, all the best Battle Helm & everybody.

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