Brazilian goth metal might not be as spectacular as the Rio Carnival but HYDRIA proofs that there’s life to that genre in brazil too. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Having formed in 2007 and released the debut album in 2008 how much of “band” was already done before the actual birth of the band?
-When I joined Hydria in the beginning of 2007, the song “Sober Dreams” was already done and some other songs were waiting to be finished. Marcelo has composed a few songs for the project while he was searching for musicians to join the band. We spent some time finishing other songs and recording our first album Mirror of Tears and during that period, we were still looking for musicians to play along with us in the band. Marcio and Turu used to play with me in another band before I joined Hydria so they came with me after that. By the end of 2008 we were playing together for quite some time and we played some opening act concerts for great bands like Within Temptation and Tarja Turunen in Brazil. When the album came out we already knew each other well and we started writing new songs for our next album (Poison Paradise, 2010).

When you have a clear vision of what you want to do how hard is it to find the right individuals that share that same vision?
-It’s definitely very hard. That’s why our line-up changed a few times. It’s hard to find people interested in making music for living and with the same visions for the project. The most important things is to keep focused on your music and believe you can make it even when some people don’t.

To me there is one pivotal goth metal album everybody should strive for; Theatre Of Tragedy’s “Velvet Darkness They Fear.” What makes for a perfect goth metal album in your ears?
-Well I don’t know if I can give my opinion properly on Gothic metal or an album of this genre because it’s not the kind of music I usually listen to/ make, though there are some elements of the genre that are present in our first albums. We don’t consider ourselves as a Gothic metal band and our message has a totally different content.

When you’re pretty new as a band and end up performing on the same stage as Tarja Turunen and Within Temptation, does it feel at that moment that you are on the right path?
-I think it does! But it’s not the only feeling that runs out through your mind. You end up thinking “OMG I would be happy if I die tomorrow because I played at the same stage as my heroes did”. Especially when they are so supportive and tell you they think you’re great! It feels SO good!!! It’s much more about the magic of the moment than about the possibility of being on the right path for success. We live one step at a time and the path is really magical when it comes to dreams.

When you start at a high like you seem to have done, how do you take it from there for it not to be a down-trip?
-I think it all depends on focus and passion. Sometimes you go through hard times but if you keep focused, you’re not gonna fall down. And you have to love what you do. You can’t keep going up for too long if you don’t love your own music. You have to believe you can get there and keep your feet on the ground. And you can’t be afraid of challenges and trying new things.

Having released 2 albums by yourself how do you go about promoting them the best way, with no economical support from a label?
-It’s hard to promote an album by yourself and that’s why we’re open for new possibilities. We already have a distribution label in Japan, Spinning Records. Our next album “Freakshow” will be released in Japan through SR, as “Poison Paradise” was. We’re also searching for opportunities in other countries too. In the rest of the world, we keep working as an independent band and we use the Internet as our most precious tool. And it’s working quite well! =)
I have only seen the covers to your albums but both look very professional. How hard is it to find the right people to work with?
-It’s not too hard when you have creative people around you. I create the whole concept and give the ideas to people who know how to turn it into image. It’s harder when you want to do something different and have so many ideas that you don’t know which one is the best. But it’s still a good sign. It means that the final result will probably look very good! =)

Is the downloading scene a good way of promoting your band? What advantages/disadvantages are there to this scene?
-It’s a good way of promoting the band while we’re working independently, and it spreads our music to the whole world, bringing a lot of fans and opportunities too. You might not have opportunities if you don’t do this. It gives you the chance of being heard and reaching more people. Here in Brazil I don’t see negative points, as it doesn’t affect the sales (it’s a usual thing to listen before buying), but in other countries it can be negative. We did it with Poison Paradise, but we won’t do this with Freakshow, ‘cause now we have contracts to respect.

Brazil is a huge country with a varying economical climate. What kind of tours can you set up to maximize the outcome in terms of concert goers/exposure for the band?
-Brazil is a huge country but most of the shows usually happen in south east region, between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and the southern region. Long tours through the whole country are not usual for independent bands who don’t have support from a label. Independent bands usually play sporadically in different cities without spending long times on tour.
Even for renowned and respected bands, it’s getting really hard. Heavy Metal is not part of our culture and as it’s not on the top of the charts at the moment, the audience is smaller than in other countries (except for huge international bands).

How much exposure have you had outside of Brazil? What are you going to do in the future to reach more people outside of Brazil?
-We’ve had great exposure, especially considering the fact that we’re independent and the Internet is our most important way of dissemination. And it got better after our album was released in Japan this year. We’ll keep using the Internet to promote the band, creating new ways for the fans to keep in touch with us and our music, and of course, we hope new opportunities will come soon with our new upcoming album, “Freakshow”.
Thank you so much for the interview and thanks to all the fans for their support!

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