If you are looking for bands to check out HYPERBOREAN is one that deserves to be checked out. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Not really having checked out what HYPERBOREAN means I get a feeling of this being technical in both sound and name. Could you please explain the choice of name for the band?
-The meaning of the name is not technical in its nature, it´s mythological. We choose that name thirteen years ago when the band was formed as our lyrics were focused more on topics of that kind.

There used to be a Canadian band called Dead Brain Cells (DBC) that wrote a concept album about the Universe. How fascinated are you with cosmos and the galaxies?
-It´s not really a topic that is relevant to us as a band. On a personal I guess I am fairly interested in scientific discoveries regarding the cosmos but I would never write lyrics for the band on that subject, it lacks intent.

Does being Swedish actually mean anything when you are a metal band?
-We don´t really feel that we need to live up to any specific Swedish metal legacy or anything of the sort. It doesn´t affect us other than sometimes writing lyrics in Swedish.

How did you end up where you are today? What kind of journey has it been so far?
-We started way back in 2000, released three demos. During this time we had allot of line-up and musical direction changes. Then the band was put on hold for a long time until Andreas and I decided to get things going again, and we recorded The Spirit of Warfare which was released in 2011 by Abyss Records. After this we have basically worked on material for a new album and we have just finished the recording of it so that should be out sometime later this year. Now this was a very brief summary, it’s hard to compress 13 years into a few paragraphs; there is a much more in depth biography (in progress) on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HyperboreanSwe for those who are interested.

How pleased are you with your latest record work? What kind of expectations do you have on it?
-We are just finishing the final stages of recording our new album “Mythos of the Great Pestilence”. We are pleased with it, the songs are strong and we are happy with the sound of it. We recorded it in Endarker studio with Devo from Marduk. As for expectations, I really have no idea; I find it is quite pointless to try to foresee these things, but I am of course, interested in seeing how it´s received and I do hope it gets more coverage than the “The Spirit of Warfare” did since it is much superior in every way.

What do you expect to get out of being in a band? Why are you in a band?
-I get allot of satisfaction from working with the music, hearing it grow from an infant state until it´s fully realized in its final form. I enjoy being a part of that process. In fact it´s probably the part I enjoy the most because when you have the raw material you have so many options to take it into different directions, it´s very fulfilling for a creative mind. It is nice to listen to the final product as well, at least if it turns out being good, but I think I enjoy the process the most. Currently we have just finished recording a new album so we have no new material to work with right now and right now I am in a state of mind where I would like to write more but have no material to work with and that can be somewhat frustrating. But it´s probably a good idea to take a little bit of time to rest so you don´t burn out creatively.

What kind of reactions/emotions ran through your bodies when you realized that there are people beside yourself that like what you do?
-I think I cared more about that when I was younger, sure I still get a certain amount of satisfaction if people enjoy the music we create. But our main concern is satisfying ourselves, for example, I spend allot of time researching and writing our lyrics and to be honest, no one, or very few people, care about the lyrics in metal. They prefer to just listen to the music, and that is fine if that’s how you are inclined. But why then spend the time that I do on them? Well I want to be satisfied with what I put forth for no other reason than that I feel I need to do it to be content with it myself. I have always felt like that about lyrics, I write them for myself and in a way I feel the same way about our music in general. Now I don’t mean that we are indifferent to the reactions we get, we´re not and we do try to follow the response our material gets and good feedback is of course nice to get. But I don´t really walk around thinking about other people listening to our music

What is great art work? How important is art work to sell the record?
-Great artwork should be seductive and draw you in. It should create an interest and be connected with the music and the overall lyrical message. If you can manage these things then I believe the artwork is very important. It is a part of giving you the full experience of the album, the entire vision of the band. This you only get if you have a physical copy of an album, and as such, if done well the artwork is one of the better selling points for the physical album as opposed to just digital listening to the music.
Of our past releases I feel that sometimes we have managed this and sometimes we haven’t done so well. For instance our old demo Thorns scared her Soul had artwork that looked good and was filled with symbolical meaning and references to mythological concepts in line with the lyrics. On the other hand, the artwork for our last album missed the mark by quite a bit and turned out to be a poor mess. A fact that in hindsight has made me enjoy the album on a whole less, because you feel there are things that should have been done better. For that reason the importance of artwork goes beyond a mere monetary selling point as a mistake can somewhat corrupt the entire artistic vision. Because of this it is really important to us that we get it right on our new album and we will make sure that we do.

What importance has local bands when you start? Is it important to have bands close by that have made it big to some degree?
-When we started the band it was important, as we were a part of a small local scene that shared both rehearsal room and many members between the different bands. And that existing structure always allowed us to find new members or solve logistical problems when they arose. But that was when we were a full band and when we reformed Hyperborean it became much less important since the band is centred on me and Andreas. But hypothetically of course it would be beneficial to have access to big bands that has “made it”; both for spreading word of mouth and for opportunities to support them live. We never went that route though.

What do you see in the future?
-Well first of all getting the new album out and after that I guess we start working on new material. Unfortunately I don’t think we have any other big revelations.But thanks for the interview and for supporting Hyperborean!

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