HYPNOTHETICALL is another cool Italian band that I just had to check out. Luca Capalbo answering my questions. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

How important is the band’s name in giving out the right kind of vibe?
-It is very important! “Hypnotheticall” is a neologism created by Giuseppe Zaupa, guitarist and founding member of the band, which derives from the word “hypothetical”. By adding a “n” and with a double “l” at the end it has become an anagram of “the hypnotic call”, so that’s the meaning! A name difficult to assimilate, yet unique and impossible to confuse! Just like our music! We turn to an attentive audience who likes to dig under the surface!
I wanted to start a band in the 80s but couldn’t fin d the right people to do so with. What was it that made you want to do the band?
-We have always believed in an original musical proposal, even if it involves enormous sacrifices. Our name officially exists since 2002, there have been numerous changes of line-up but, despite all the difficulties, like never before “Hypnotheticall” is a die-hard name. Let’s call it luck, but it would be reductive. We want to believe that the artistic will, when cultivated with dedication, predisposes the cult to resist, because it is what we are talking about. The cult, child of passion!

With so many genres and sub-genres of metal today what is your definition of the music you play?
-Personally I love bands who have character and who are proud to embody a specific genre, I take the example of Iron Maiden with heavy metal. We have been defined prog-metal, but in time our proposal has assumed connotations that are more and more confused. I like to think of being in a constantly changing band. METAMORPHIC METAL, do you like it? It is more important to worry about producing emotions, I could say that Hypnotheticall are obsessed with this principle!

How do you arrange the tracks? Is there a method to how you arrange the songs on a record?
¬-Ours is a team work, at least during the arrangement phase. The main ideas come from Giuseppe Zaupa, in a particular state of grace on this record. Most of the songs, like “The Spell”, “Industrial Memories” or “Where All The Trees Bend”, come from him! Also me, Luca Capalbo, bass player, I gave shape to the skeleton of “Solstice Of Emotions” and Giulio Cariolato, the drummer, he gave his contribution in composing “Tribal Nebula” and “Rumors”. The lyric part is shared between me and Davide Pellichero, the singer, but I repeat myself, we are proud to say that we are a choral band, we do all our best and we fight until the last note to be sure that the product is perfect!

I am fascinated by how people can still come up with things that hasn’t been done before, chord structures that hasn’t been written, sentences that hasn’t been constructed before. Where do you find your inspiration to create?
-We listen to the most different genres, really too many names to mention all of them. We let creativity flow like a river, without being confused by too strong references. It may sound arrogant but we try not to sound like anyone. We are aware of being a drop in the ocean, but in it, we are trying to emerge.

How important is the graphic side of the band? How much thought goes into art work etc.?
– It is very important. Today, like never before, the visual aspect is fundamental. We are proud of the art-work created by Alessandro Fioraso, a gifted artist from Vicenza (IT) who has totally understood the mood of the album, giving a visual shape to the concept that lives in “Synchreality”! We are fascinated

I get the feeling that more and more metalheads too are just downloading single tracks. Is the album as relevant today as it was in the 70s and 80s? Is digital killing the album?
-Music will never die. We are just witnessing to its latest change of form! The interest for the vinyl is coming back, isn’t it paradoxical? What is worrying is the absence of passion that leads the public not to go deep, to be discouraged in front of the smart-phone media bombardment. However it is useless to generalize!

Are we killing our beloved metal scene by supporting digital downloading or can anything positive come from supporting single tracks and not albums? Will the fan as we know him/her be gone soon?
-Of course not, I am convinced! It would be like admitting that there are no more people with a heart capable of feeling emotions. I don’t believe it, they exist! You just have to get close to them and give them the right shake!

Is there a scene to speak of for a band like yours? Where do you fit in?
-The scene you have to create it by yourself, fighting with your nails and your teeth and without mounting your head. We have excellent friends from other bands. The scene only grows if you believe in it! The scene only exists when you come down from your pedestal and work hard, without crying on yourself and thanking fans and people of the press, like you!

What does the future hold?
-Hypnotheticall of 2018 come out with “Synchreality”, and they’re here to stay, looking for identity, aware of having to struggle to exist but with the strong will to reach as many hearts as possible, to fill them with joy and passion, to remind everyone that art defines humanity and makes it immortal!

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