I don’t remember too much from my past but I do remember how I felt the first time I heard ILLDISPOSED back in the 90s. That they are still here today just proves that great music never dies. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I remember Illdisposed from back in the 90s when you released your first records on Progress. What is it that has kept the band going for so long?
-In the beginning the booze and women kept us going. Now it’s more about getting away from the women at home.

When you are as old a band as you are do you feel that you get any respect from the Danish metal scene? What has Illdisposed meant to the Danish death metal scene?
-We’re getting more respect from the international metal scene than from the Danish metal scene. But that’s simply because we’ve got something called Jante’s Law in Denmark. That law says that you shouldn’t think that you’re better than anyone. And since we actually are better, people don’t like us here.

Do you feel that Danish death metal get the sort of respect it deserves?
-Yeah it does. Because we’re just a handful of good bands here, the rest is unimportant crap that will never go anywhere.

When you are Danes and look across the sound to Sweden and see so many great acts popping up does that make you want to beat the Swedes at their own game?
-I don’t see any great acts popping up in Sweden. You’ve got the same problem up there – only the good old bands are worth mentioning. I can’t come up with one single Swedish band that popped up within the last 5 years. But when that is said you’ve got some great old bands – way greater than the Danish bands. But that’s definitely no problem; I like Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia and don’t really see us as competitors.

Does it ever feel lonely to be one of the few surviving older Danish metal acts?
-We’ve always been doing our thing alone so we don’t feel a difference between then and now.

To me Illdisposed has always had an easy go feel to the way you do things. How serious do you take the band?
-We’re taking it very seriously, no doubt about that. But my experience tells me that you’ve got to learn not to care about anything to survive. Because you’ll find more downs than ups in this business and if you care too much about it you’ll fall.

Do you think that this kind of attitude has hurt the band more than it has helped it?
-No, it’s the reason that we’re still here today.

To be honest I’ve lost touch with Illdisposed over the years. I can’t even remember the last album I bought of yours. Do you feel that you grow as a band for each album you release?
-Apparently we’ve lost touch with you as well so that’s okay! Well, we felt we were growing until 2005 when everything peaked. Since 2005 things have been a little worse every year. But that’s a general picture of the music scene.

What does it mean to have 12 albums to look back at? How hard is it to believe that you managed to get that many albums out?
-It’s almost impossible to imagine how much time and work we’ve been putting into it. And it makes me feel like an old wreck. But when I take a look at Lemmy or Judas Priest we’ve definitely still got some good years ahead.

What plans for the future do you have nowadays?
-To beat this old horse back on the road and do some touring in support of the new album. We gotta get away from home – it’s urgent!

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