IMBER is another Swedish metal wonder. How many bands can this small country contain? ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

I have a fascination with band names. Where does your come from?
-Basically it just sounded cool but it is a really old name for women, and a town in Wales where they test shoot weapons, which is a really cool coincidence, since we’re women and dangerous, haha!

From what I understand you’ve only released one EP and that was back in 2012? How do you keep people’s interest alive when they don’t have anything new to listen to?
-We put up videos on youtube, facebook and instagram, we play live and interact with our fans. It is the downside of not having a ton of money.
So if you want your daily dose of laughs you should subscribe to our facebook, youtube and Instagram accounts (imberofficial) and check it out. It’s everything from acoustic jams of our songs and covers songs, rehearsal footage and really weird stuff.

Is it hard to record new music when you are not signed to a label?
-Not really the recording part, but it’s hard to make it real, like really proffesional. That, only money or very nice people who want to help can do. And that is also why it’s taking so long. But we’re getting there, we have been working with the producer Per Aldeheim on our next release too and it’s really awsome! The middle of June some heavy shit is hitting the fan!

Has digital made it easier to release things on your own on different social media?
-Since we’re not 50 years old the internet has always been around during our time with the band so we don’t really now. It’s easy to get stuff out there but it’s hard to get it through. That’s why all the weird stuff on our social media accounts 😉

Has digital killed the album as we know it and love it?
-No, not killed it but evolved it. People listen to music in a different way now, for good and bad. It’s good that things progress and changes, you just have to keep up.

How important is art work to you? How important is the graphic side of the band?
-We see everything as a unit, it’s all connected. You can’t have one or the other, you have to use all the senses to experience a band, so art work and graphics are very important, yes.

Is it important to you as a band to “look like” a metal band? What kind of aestethic do you subscribe to?
-Absolutely not! It’s important that we look like “us” and not trying to be something we’re not. As we said in the previous question, it’s all connected. Our looks and appearence must reflect our music and us as persons, otherwise it’s all a lie and no one is going to believe it.
The music is ofcourse the most important part but you can’t just “look like a metal band” ’cause you think that what people want to see, it has to reflect the music.

Do you as a Swedish metal band feel that you are a part of the Swedish metal wonder? Do you notice that you get more attention simply because you are Swedish?
-Hm, hard one, don’t think so. We don’t play that kind of music (melodic death metal) so we don’t think it’s appliable on us.

You have released a video for your new song. How do you get people to notice that you have a new video out?
-Through our social media channels and just mouth to mouth. We have really awsome fans that mostly want to help us out.

What do you see in the future
-Peace on earth and aliens coming to visit, haha!
No, seriously. We’re releasing 5 new songs in the middle of June, a new video, tons of live shows throughout Sweden and the train just rolls on faster and faster!
We look really bright on the future and focus on having a great time on the ride!

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