INCANTATION don’t really need an introduction. This is death metal in its most primal form. The kind that makes your intestine twist and turn. Chuck was so kind to try his best to answer my questions. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

When you have been going for so long as you guys have and been through so many changes does it feel that your past has hindered you from getting further than you have?
-Because of my 4yrs in the band. I can’t speak of the earlier periods. I guess this is just another change, as you put it. If anything, it’s far from hindered but strengthened. We are all good friends and have a collective mentality whether it’s writing or performing. I’ve never been in a more functional situation. What a bunch of assholes.

Do you think that your attitude has been “too” extreme for you guys to have made it bigger? Does being true to your ideals mean that you are limited in your potential?
-Never thought of Incantation as being too extreme. That’s what draws fans in the first place, myself included. I’d personally rather leave “making it” to people who let those kind of considerations feed their own megalomania. All I’ve experienced has been rewarding. Being true to our ideals makes us what we are. As far as potential…. I only see unlimited possibilities.

Incantation is often revered as one of the most important American death metal bands. How hard is it to take in that kind of accolade?
-It’s not, in my opinion. It’s an honor to have that form of recognition, just not something that alters our goals. From a standpoint of fan becoming member I still revere my band mates as history and popularity dictates. Their impact on Death Metal is widely known and for good reason.

I remember hearing your debut the first time and how that one made an impact on me. What was it that shaped the sound of Incantation in the beginning?
-I wasn’t there, can’t answer that one. Still just a fan at that point, like yourself.

What is death metal to you? Does it have to be anti-Christian/anti authorative to be considered death metal?
-Metal to me is the culmination of all things dark, aggressive, evil and unknown. With the versatility to waiver in and out of various genera without compromising their individual impact. Be it Heavy, Thrash, Death, Black, Doom etc. nixing of course the many other newly fashioned “____ Metal” to suit the desires of bands/public trying to diversify under the guise of “innovation”. Being anti-christian/authority isn’t a requirement, but it’s so far and few between to find a fan of metal who isn’t or at the least not offended by anti christian/authority views. Clarity of thought and the ability to question leads us to metal in the first place, I always believed. Might not be a requirement….. But it helps.

You have a new album now that you are promoting. What kind of feelings do you have for it now that it is about to be unleashed upon an audience?
-Only the best! We’re all so proud of the album. It’s cliché in a way…. but we feel it is our best material to date. Or at least till the next one.

Your art work has always been dark in its colours. How important is the art work to you? What does it represent?
-The artwork like any other release should compliment the material. The music surpasses at times but the two share a certain balance. The Vanquish in Vengeance cover tirelessly painted by Worthless I feel reflects the darkness within the album. His approach captures the feeble monotheistic followers and their vain attempts at salvation. The tome they reach for in the painting is left to interpretation. While the darkness we’re unleashing through said material (In the form of the entities of the background.) poise to engulf those defeated by their own false hope.

Will this album mean the beginning of a second or third breath of fresh air for the band?

Is death metal still a touring kind of metal when it comes to promoting the band/music?
-Indeed, no better way of exposure then through touring. It has it’s pros and cons like anything. But to share a stage with comrades and play for those whom support you or have never heard you. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.

What do you see in the future?
-In actuality we’re already looking ahead. There is material left over from the Vanquish in Vengeance sessions that we intend to utilize. Also we’re meeting on weekends now creating again. Only evil can come from this…….

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