You should know by now that I love discovering new bands. Thanks to some really die hard music fans I got to know about INDIGO DARKPSYCH. Wanting to know more I had to do an interview. ©2012

When you front something with your own name does the burden to get everything right ever feel overwhelming?
-To actually start with, I am quite used to be the front person of my own project/band and therefore represent it in all kinds of situations and to all types of Media, as I have initially started all this as a solo artist by the stage-name ‘Indigo’ back in 2002, coming from a background of an early musical career which had also given me the chance to be a session vocalist to many Rock orientated projects and finally the vocalist of a local Rock Band replacing a male front person who had just sadly passed away.

How do you divide your time between being the front figurine and actually getting stuff done? How much time do you spend on getting things done?
-A lot of work behind the scenes is involved and I am also the person who does most of it to this day and time. One has to have good and versatile skills to be able to fulfill what’s expected from the viewers and fans on stage and on screen and on the other hand to get the productions and desk work done properly and in time. As in everything, it takes longer to prepare things than to actually present them but since I can dedicate most of my time to my music, it’s not that difficult to cope with!!

What help do you get from being on a label these days? What can they do that you can’t do yourself?
-Being on a label means a lot of different things nowadays for the simple reason that the industry is so vast and competitive and also for the fact that different labels cater for different things. Some things we can do ourselves as artists, like promoting and finding gigs, but the rest they can do much better and in a professional way depending on their history and experience.

How important has DIY come to mean again in this time and age when labels have less money to spend on artists?
-The worldwide spread of Internet and efficient technology made DIY possible and as you just said above, DIY gained much more importance since Labels have less to spend or realize that they should cut down their expenses and simply do the work that we cannot as successfully achieve.

What has modern technology done to enable for you as an artist? is it easier to get the kind of sound you want just from recording in your bedroom or does a studio still bring to the sound something you can’t get anywhere else?
-A lot of home studios nowadays came to existence and it depends on what they consist of and how capable the person at the desk is. Those are two elements that bring out the difference and the rest is in sound proofing and amplifying when it comes to recording vocals and live instruments. One can have a quality studio in their bedroom or living-room depending on how its built and the recorder’s knowledge and skills.

When you think about starting to record something new how do you go about it?
– I usually start from the synths and vocals soon after I write the vocal lines, or else build guitar riffs on synths and write the lyrics and melody after.

I get a feeling that we who like the albums we buy to come with great art work are getting fewer and fewer for each new year. How important is art work to you?
-Artwork is what catches the eye, be it online or in stores. Artwork and Visual presentations are always very important as it’s what can draw the attention of someone or let them pass by!!

What can you say with art work that you perhaps can’t in music or lyrics?
-Through visual concepts, Artist’s Image and Artistic Designs one can deliver a vibe and feeling synonymous to the music style. Lyrics and Music deliver meanings and emotions alternatively and respectively.

How important is the visual side of things to you? How much of the persona lies in the visual?
-For me personally it’s very important to reflect the true me in the way I appear as my music is a direct message from my life’s experiences. It’s very difficult to explain but to me the visual aspect always had a great meaning and I have been an all round artistic person since I was very young, taking up Art as a main subject in secondary and tertiary school.

What does the future hold for you guys?
-Our third Album has just been completed and my present wish is to achieve great success for it and it’s consisting tracks and to therefore keep broadening the sound of our name ‘Indigo Darkpsych’


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