Spanish death metal is not all sun’n’bath. This is a gory and dark as anything coming from less idyllic places. INFECTED FLESH proves that thesis. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

OK, could you give us a short introduction to the band
-INFECTED FLESH is a brutal grinding death metal band created in Catalonia by year 1997. From the beginning, the aim of INFECTED FLESH is to create brutal and very extreme music.

Would you say that there is such a thing as a Spanish death metal sound?
-No way. Nowadays there are a lot of metal bands playing a wide range of metal styles in Spain, but there’s no such sound.

Is there something different to being a band from Catalonia than from other regions of Spain? How much does the autonomous nature of the different regions play in how you feel as a band?
-It makes no difference to me. Usually there’s a lot of respect amongst bands, independently of their territorial origin.

What kind of status does death and extreme metal in general have in Spain?
-Socially speaking, it’s totally underground. Extreme metal is even underground within the same metal environment. Spain is still far in terms of accepting extreme metal as a music and lifestyle.

You are now on your third album. Does it feel like you’ve come as far as you would have liked?
-You mean musically? I think the songs here are the best I’ve written so far.

How different is this new album compared to your previous records? How much do you learn from album to album to not repeat mistakes and to improve the sound?
-The main difference of “Concatenations…” with the previous album, “The ascension of the abysmal aberration”, is that the songs are audience oriented. “Concatenations…” is thought for having fun with the audience while delivering some brutality, “The ascension..” on the other hand, was a 100% introspective album, author oriented.
About sound improving. Obviously each recording you make is a great chance of gathering experience, thoughts and ideas for future recordings. In the case of “Concatenations…” what really made a difference is having a human drummer like Seth. In the mix we wanted to take advantage of that fact, so we got the drums as much natural an organic as possible together with the rest of instruments.

What is the difference being signed to a label abroad compared to being on a national one?
-The difference is pretty big in terms of distribution and coverage. Hecatombe Records is mainly focused on the Spanish underground and Comatose Music is doing a worldwide coverage, so obviously it means that more people is getting acquainted with your music.

How much offense do people take to your art work and song contents? Are people even bothered by it?
-Of course they are haha. Extreme metal fans are obviously not bothered at all because this is what they are used to or what they expect, but current people are fucking shocked. This is how it is supposed to be, otherwise that would mean that something is really wrong with artwork and songs. What extreme metal does is shaking social taboos, reviving forgotten conceptions or unveiling ignored perceptions. When this happens current people feel misplaced…and therefore bothered.

How far can you go with the gore?n?guts themes before it starts to get boring and old? How many variations are there to the theme?
-If you read the lyrics of “Concatenation of Severe Infections” or even “The ascension of the abysmal aberration”, they are not gore’n’ guts strictly. Gore’n’guts is boring for me. The lyrics have a gory side, but it plays a role towards the topic of a song, it is not the topic itself. The song lyrics mostly combine different approaches according to the story they are telling, so sometimes they go mystic, other times they have a historic focus, some are touching architecture or artistic concepts…

What would you like to see happening in the future?
-Writing new songs and get them recorded again together with Seth.

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