INFERNAL TENEBRA was another totally new band to me but from what i heard I just knew that I had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl © 2012

You guys are totally unknown to me. Could we please have a short introduction of the band?
-Infernal Tenebra started back in 1999, constantly evolving and enduring the hard conditions of the Croatian underground metal scene with two self-released albums “Beneath the Twilight” (2001) and “The Essence of Chaos” (2007). We signed with Massacre Records in 2012 and our new album entitled “New Formed Revelations” release date is December 7th, 2012. The album was mixed and mastered at Fascination Street Studios by Jens Bogren (Kreator, Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Amon Amarth).

How hard is it to come up with a style of metal that hasn’t been heard before?
-Actually, metal is constantly evolving through incremental touches. It’s not necessarily a bad thing building up your own style on the strong foundations already established in extreme metal music. We always liked metal bands that had great compositions and versatile and rich vocals and you can definetly hear it in our music. The music also came naturally. We incorpored some intricate elements but wanted to keep it as clean and simple as possible.

When you plan for an album how hard is it to pick the songs that are the best and leave the rest to their own destiny?
-It’s not hard at all. We work very carefully on the songs nowadays. Infernal Tenebra has a colorful background and we learnt a lot from past mistakes. The song writing depends on the song. Some of them come out easily, others need more work, but we essentially write until we’re satisfied with the result. All band members contribute to the song writing process. “New Formed Revelations” was written with the lyrics and vocal lines in mind from the start, so every song is there for a reason. We also made a decision to put on the album eight tracks, as we didn’t want any filler to be in. We’ll continue that way.

What is the difference between having the backing of a label and doing it yourself?
-We’re blessed with having such a professional label like Massacre Records. Although people tend to think you can make it without a label supporting you, it’s only partially true. A professional label pushes you constantly to give the maximum, to evolve and be better. In our case, it works. When we were on our own, we were doomed to Croatian and regional scene and struggled in the underground for a decade. Now we have a chance to expose ourselves to a wider audience, have them hear and see what we are about, and improve upon ourselves as we surely have much more to offer.

What would you say have been the highlight of band so far? How has the journey been compared to how you imagined it to be?
-Well, there are several aspects of the “highlight” thing. Being signed to Massacre Records is like a dream come true to us. We also see it as a new begining. This summer we played Bloodstock Open Air in UK and we had a great time. Having the opportunity to share stage with so many great bands you’re actually a big fan of is a priviledge of its own. We believed in ourselves, passed many obstacles, as I can’t even decribe how hard it is to make anything for a band coming from Croatia.

Being a metalhead is often described as being a part of something greater. Do you feel that too? What has it given you guys?
-You know, reflecting on the previous question, let me share a few lines from our past. As Croatia was a very closed country (had a war in 90-ies, crisis etc.) seeing metal bands was almost impossible. One of the first bands to visit Croatia was Napalm Death and our drummer Sandi escaped the army to see them. Can you believe it, haha. That’s the spirit and commitment you would expect from a real metalhead. Although we’re not nearly as crazy as we used to be, we enjoy being a part of the scene every moment. The metal community has given us much back. We have a band now that got recognized in the metal community and we’re a part of the scene, as a band and as individual fans of the metal music. You feel it every day when you turn on your favourite music, got to a concert or enjoy a cool festival. I remember waiting for hours to get a CD from my favourite band signed. Now I share stage with that same band. Isn’t that awesome? And you know what, that’s the way it should be. As long as one supports the metal community, it will give back something.

When you play metal of the harder kind you are supposed to be harder than steel. How annoying is it that people has pre-conceived ideas what you’ll be like?
-I never liked the “contest-style” music. It’s not about BPMs, or being more than human. I think it’s exactly the opposite. It’s about being human, expressing what you feel, getting your thoughts out, your fears, your dreams. It not about pretending being something you’re not.

How pleasing is it that you have an album out now? What kind of feelings is involved with releasing an album?
-We’re glad the album is finally being released as we went to hell and back to make this happen the right way. Can’t wait to get out and play it for the fans. But it never stops. There are ideas and songs already being cooked for our next release.

What does the art work say about the title of the album?
-The artwork is an adapted version of our idea made possible by the brilliant Gustavo Sazes (Sepultura, Arch Enemy, Firewind…). It is about humanity left with itself to reflect upon its decisions, directions and paths taken. It’s about fallen leaders and regimes, about humans struggling to find its place in a society where there’s no place for them.

What would the ideal future bring to you?
-It would be great if we could get fired from our everyday jobs and do Infernal Tenebra music for the rest of our lives. Not much we’re asking for, right? Hahaha.

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