Somehow I got confused and thought that INSULT are black metal when in fact they are death metal. Make no mistake of thinking otherwise. With an album out on Daemon Worship there was a need for an interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Could you talk us through what Insult stands for and mean to you guys?
INSULT: Insult stands for inexorable blashemous Death Metal Madness.

Where do you see yourself fit into the Swedish and international black metal scene?
INSULT: We do not play Black Metal, we play Death Metal. We don’t think about our place in the so called scene.

It has gone so far that it is hard to tell apart who is black metal and who’s not. What sets your music apart from all the other hopefuls?
INSULT: We do not care about it. Death Metal and Black Metal are for many people relativistic terms for nothing. We have a more conservative and traditional view on it, and I guess you can figure out what we mean with that.

Being a Swedish metal band, does that bring along feeling of being part of something big and great? Does it give extra cred points outside of the borders?
INSULT: No, you know, we have not released an album yet, so we can’t say that. But metal from Sweden in general seems to have a good reputation, you know.

What is there to being a metal band on a small label that would have been lost had you signed with a larger one?
INSULT: I don’t understand your question. But, I can say that we are satisfied with the cooperation with Daemon Worship prod. They do a good job in the right way for us.

How important is it to be “true” not to offend the wrong people? When does not being “true” metal become an issue? How do you tackle all those who think this or that is the only correct way?
INSULT: As I said, we do not play BM. And we definitely don’t waste out time on speculations like that!

When you are a small band on a small label is the only places you can play small youth clubs and shitty drinking holes? How important is playing live?
INSULT: Last time we performed a live show was in 2008, so we are not so anxious playing live I guess.

What kind of infrastructure is there for small bands if they want to embark on a European tour?
INSULT: It depends on the headliner act, the management etc. We have got one offer for touring through Europe, but it was impossible for us to make it at that time.

In promoting the band what kind of channels do you use to gain the most from it? How big is the underground fanzine scene? Is the web still the best option?
INSULT: We promote the band via Daemon Worships’ website, via myspace and even via Facebook. I guess the underground fanzine tradition is shrinking year by year.

What do you think the future will hold for insult?
INSULT: In 2012 DWP will release our debut album! After that, I guess we will try to write something better.

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