INTERNAL NIGHTMARE from Australia might not be the most well known band from down under but they sure work hard at changing that. Be the first amongst your friends to discover this act. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What is the hardest part being a small band on the way up?
-I guess just trying to get yourself noticed in a world where there are soooo many bands out there. There is no shortage of inspiration and songs but it’s just getting people to hear them.

How easy is it to be deceived into thinking that we are on our way up just because you play a couple of good shows and people pat you on the back telling you you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread?
-Haha. Yes this is a common occurance but i guess as long as you just keep yourself grounded and just be the best judge of what you do i think you’ll be fine. As long as you aren’t too critical and hard on yourselves otherwise you’ll never be satisfied. It is nice to be validated by people though, however you shouldn’t by in to it too much either.

I’m not the biggest fan of Facebook and “likes” because they basically mean shit, how do you know that you’ve built a fan base on social media when everybody and his mother can hit the “like button”?
-That is somewhat true….i think most of anyone’s ‘fans’ probably have never even listened to you before. But from a promotional or marketing standpoint it does look good if you have a lot of likes. Promoters do take notice of that stuff as much as people would like to think they don’t.

Maybe we should disperse of the usual introduction bit too before we move on. Who and what is Internal Nightmare?
-Internal Nightmare is a band of 3 guys trying to satisfy their creative sides by making music that they enjoy playing and also enjoy listening to. When we do start writing new songs they will go through the ‘ringer’ before we are satisfied with them. If we aren’t satisfied then what’s the point of playing them!?

When you come from Australia how confining does it feel to be stuck on an island? How do you best get out of there with your music?
-Well I can’t imagine how hard it would have been for bands from Australia before the days of the Internet. These days you can sit from the comfort of your house and promote your band and music to people on the other side of the world in the click of a button. It’s fantastic for bands these days. And because of things like social media it is becoming increasingly easy to contact people who usually would have been unreachable. So although we are not really in the best place to make a name for ourselves in the heavy music scene with any real kind of depth, our name can be taken abroad quite quickly. But then of course you have to tour overseas to show you’re the real deal.

What kind of metal scene are you a part of? Does it ever feel like you only play to the already initiated?
-Well I guess you could say we are a part of the Melbourne metal scene. You would be surprised though just how vast and how many sub genres exist in this scene though, haha.

I only heard of you through a comment I wrote about being reported for sending spam messages on Facebook (which I do not do). How well have you promoted the band outside of Australia?
-We have promoted the band outside of Australia reasonably well. Just by making contacts through various avenues has helped to drum up some interest in this band. Networking with people is the way to do it, though we still have a long way to go to really start to make an impact.

I do understand why a band records an EP but what are the benefits of doing just an EP and not an album beside the recording cost?
-Well from our point of view this EP was basically a way for us to show people the new direction the band is heading in. We have been around for 6 years roughly and so of course the sound of the band has changed over the years. Then when this newest lineup was writing songs together we wanted to get out some of the newest material as soon as possible as a taste of what’s to come. Then by the time we release the album we should have a few people interested.

How much of a DIY-ethic is necessary for an Australian band to make it on an international metal scene? What kind of labels are there in Australia that can support a band?
-The DIY approach is definitely something that you have to partake in over here as there just isn’t a great deal of room or support to be any other way. There are some good labels over here that can help you with distribution, promo and marketing etc, but in terms of funds to get yourself out and about in the touring sense, especially overseas, it is difficult. You really have to make some sort of decent income to then take yourself around the place. We all have jobs and i think in this day and age that you really need to now. Long gone are the days when you could do nothing but play music and someone would pay your way.

What would a perfect future look like for Internal Nightmare?
-Travelling around the world playing our music to people and even help giving people the chance to use our music as a healing tool for themselves. We are big believers in the healing power of music and providing a distra_ction and getting pleasure out of it no matter what is happening in your life. It’s been a big part of my journey and i know the power of it. Plus sharing the stage with some of our heroes and making new friends would make us very very happy.

Thanks again so much for the opportunity to speak with you today and i hope you enjoy the new EP.

Christian ‘Dirtbag’ Doherty
Guitar/vocals- Internal Nightmare

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