Interview – Defy The Curse

Oh wow, total Boss HM-2 overload!!! Formed by ex-members from Legion Of The Damned, Collision, Slam Squad, Inhume and Acid Deathtrip, this veteran Dutch death crust band have issued a devastating debut EP just in time for Christmas. Shan Siva got the merry lowdown from vocalist Wouter Wagemans!

1. Merry Christmas guys – congratulations on this amazing EP – it’s such a cool homage to old school death but also so much more!

Happy holidays to you too! Thanks you very much for the compliments on the EP!

2. There’s also quite a bit of old punk and crust so was that an intention and why do you feel this adds to your style and sound?

This was not really done on purpose, but it just slipped in our sound. I joined the band one year later than the rest… but if I’m correct, the original plan was to start more a crusty band… but then it just happened ha ha.

3. From the cover and even the band photo’s in a graveyard I thought this was gonna be a (funeral) doom release so it was a surprise when I heard the heavenly sound of Boss HM-2 ha ha!

Thanks! We were just walking around the hometown looking for places to shoot a band picture and tried out an old graveyard. It looks really atmospheric and fits the style of the band very well. Maybe because the front cover has some statues on it, just like a lot of funeral doom releases? In my opinion V B R R T R D did a great job to catch the lyrics and the sound of Defy The Curse.

4. I’m guessing you guys must be as old as I am so how do you compare the death metal bands of today with the older bands in terms of originality but also the opportunities available these days – I mean, today there’s 1,000’s of bands out there ha ha

I was born in 1980, so I missed the really rise of the Death Metal. When I was 16/17 years Entombed was already playing Death N’ Roll etc. But I’m a big fan of Clandestine, Left Hand Path and Wolverine Blues! Of course during the early 90’s all the death metal was new and original… nowadays there is a big revival and some very cool bands came out of it. I enjoy listening to Skeletal Remains or Gatecreeper. I’m also a big fan of the more brutal death metal bands like Cryptopsy, Misery Index, Aborted and so on.

5. Given all the bands you guys play in, is this a full time band or a project.

Me and Boris are playing in Collision, a fast grindcore/thrash metal band. Our guitar player Harold is also the bassist for Legion Of The Damned. We started Defy The Curse as a project, but for me it’s more a band nowadays. We did a release, printed t-shirts and are going to play live on a few occasions… that are pretty much band activities ha ha ha. But, like I said before, most of the members got their own bands.

6. Is there anything in the band’s name Defy The Curse – you guys aren’t unlucky are you?!

It’s just a cool band name and fits the sound and lyrics. Yes, we are not the most miserable and unlucky guys in the world ha ha.

7. How did you guys form the band together – was it difficult given your other band commitments?

Defy The Curse is a group of friends that start jamming together. It’s easy to combine, since we all put our other bands as priority. But we really enjoy playing in Defy The Curse together, so we will go on for sure!

8. Has Defy The Curse played any shows yet?

Not at the moment, we are not planning to do tons of shows, but we got 2 shows planned. A nice EP release show close to our hometown and in September we are invited to play the mighty Bloodshed Fest!

9. Do you have plans for a follow up release – will it be a full length album?

For sure, we are already working on 3 songs for our live set, and more will follow. No plan or anything like this, it will just happen when everything is finished. For now, we are focusing on our first show!

10. Thank you for your time – any last words from you guys?

Thanks for the interview and support! Check out our debut EP and cheers!


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