INTRACTABLE impressed me enough to want to interview them. Check out this band if you like your metal on the harder side. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

What is the hardest part in finding a band name that works?
-The hardest part in finding a band name that pleases all the band members. Long time our band didn’t have a name at all. When I started playing with the other guys, I tried to force that process. Finally we had to vote, to reach a compromise. You’ll never know from the start if the name you’ve chosen will work. But we’ve already realized that not everyone is capable of spelling INTRACTABLE the right way…hehe

How do you know what style of metal you want to play? What inspires you to form a band?
-Well, that’s easy. You try to play what you like to hear yourself. Since we all have a different taste of music, it’s obvious that we pick out the best parts of our preferences and combine all the elements into our own unique style. Sometimes this complicates the process and we often need quite some time to finish a song. But I would say it’s definitely worth it.

Something I often wonder is how you know that you want to sing, that you want to front a band? Playing an instrument I get but wanting to sing, not so much.
-You mean why our drummer and vocalist Beni does both jobs at the same time? It was never his intention to be a lead singer in our band. He has always done some background vocals. We had several different lead singers in the past, but none of them satisfied us 100%. So during the recording of “Inner Decay”, we’ve decided to split from our current vocalist and Beni took the part of the vocalist too. At the moment, this line-up is absolutely the way to go. But if we find a guy who really convinces us, we may re-think our line-up and go back to the usual 5-piece band with a normal front man / vocalist.

When you do stuff on your own what is the hardest part? How much time do you spend on the band each day? Is it worth it?
-Time is an important factor. Next to our work and our private lives there’s not always much time left over for the band. This makes it even more important to split the different jobs which have to be done to all band members. It’s not just the composing of new songs which keeps a band busy, but also the organization of concerts, the design of the merchandise stuff, the updating of the online platforms, interviews and lots of other things…
If you just look at the financial aspect, it is not really a lucrative business. But the feeling you get while playing live on stage really compensates that!

1. Are people beside me still interested in physical products these days with all the digital downloading going on? Is it worth releasing stuff on CD?

Well, we just released our first album a few months ago. That means, we’re in the middle of finding out what’s the most profitable way to sell our music. I think the merch-stuff will be one of the most lucrative parts. But hey, for the moment we’re lucky as long as it covers our expenses!

What are your feelings on this whole downloading thing? Is it killing music or is it the future of music?
-I think downloading is definitely the future of the music industry. The great music labels have already shown a bad example. I guess at the moment nobody knows exactly how to deal with the medias on the internet. Prohibition almost never works. Instead we have to show the people how much work is behind the production of a music album to sensitize them for this issue!
Musicians always reassure how happy they are, and how much fun it is to make music. So everyone thinks: Why should I pay someone for having a great time? If they do this for fun, why not? Right?
The music industry should find a way encourage people to buy the music legally, instead of moaning about the illegal downloading rates.

When you chose art work for your album what is it that you are looking for?
-Primarily we wanted the artwork to mirror the mood of the music. We tried to visualize some elements of the lyrics metaphorically . It wasn’t easy to convey our vision to the illustrator. She had to revise the artwork over and over again until every band member was happy with it. I doubt that she will ever design a cover for us again! Haha.

How important is the lyrics to a death metal band? What is it that you want to say with your lyrics?
-The lyrics are always important. Well, there are many people who won’t busy themselves whit the meaning of the words, but no the less the lyrics have a great influence on the music. For our texter Beni it’s important that our songs convey a meaning. He criticizes especially the modern society. And there’s lots of stuff to write about. All those lies and cruelties in the world. He wants to shake people up, to show them that they get drunk with prosperity and corrupt themselves slowly bit by bit. That’s Inner Decay.

What would you say have been the greatest experience so far being in INTRACTABLE?
-I have lots of great memories, but the most awesome moment was our album-release-concert! After all the time, blood, sweat and “tears” we put into it, it’s been such a relief to hold a satisfying product in our hands. And this gig just blew me away! The folks went crazy. That was the moment we knew, we’ve done something just right.

What lies ahead in the future?
-We won’t laze around. At the moment we’re composing new songs and we’re trying to play as many shows as possible. Headbang like there’s no tomorrow!

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