IRDORATH is a really cool band that should be checked out by all into extreme metal. Markus kindly answered my questions. Anders Ekdahl ©2014

How important is a band’s name? is it important that people can identify with it?
-Not an easy question to start with … I think that the meaning of the bands name itself is not that important, as long as you do not follow strictly one direction with your band according to lyrics and stuff like that. In our case back in 2005 the name was not that important to us. We just let it happen and we thought it should fit in some way and sound cool .
But it may be true that there are bands who think that the meaning of the name is important.
I think that people do not identify themselves with the name by itself, but with the band in general; and this includes the music, the lyrics, the behavior and maybe also much more.

Just so we know what we are dealing with could you please give us a short introduction to IRDORATH?
We are a black / thrash metal band from Austria, formed in the year 2005.
We have released our new album “I AM RISEN” this year in October! Check it out on our facebook site or watch our videos: “Liar”:
“Minions of Lust”:

Is it important to have a message in your music/lyrics? What kind of message would you say that you have?
I cannot neglect this, yes. I think it is important for us. When people listen to music, they also listen to lyrics (sometimes not easy to understand, but it is metal…), so you can spread your message to other people.
As said before, there is not only one main theme we approach. Our main aspects are criticism according to mankind, the church respectively religions and all different crimes and outrages people do to others. On our new album I AM RISEN we also follow a concept in 5 of the songs, regarding to the fairytales the bible offers and tell another version of this story.

How do you as a band find your own sound? How much does environment play a part in how you sound? Is there a specific sound for your region/country pertaining to the style you play?
-It was a long development which lasts over years and still continues. We always find new aspects of our sound that we like better or that fits better to our music. Use different amplifiers, different guitars, different cymbals; it all effects your sound. Also your style of playing the instrument plays a role as well as how you use the equipment.
I do not think that we in Austria really have a special sound. We have so much different styles of heavy metal and only a few who listen to it ;-). So I don’t think that specific development has happened here.

Is there a specific sound that is nationally connected to the style of metal that you play?
-As I mentioned before Austria is not a country of well known metal bands so our influences are not connected to our county. We listen to lots of different styles of music from all over the world.

Is it important to have an album cover that grabs people’s attention? How do you get people to go from looking at the cover to actually listen to the album?
-Yes, nowadays more than ever. I think the cover artwork needs a professional look and has to be some kind of eye catcher. Also you should get some idea what the music will sound like while looking at the artwork. Creating the 10 000th black cover with a white logo and some white picture will maybe not attract many people…
Haha, good question, this is one of the big tasks of a band and you have to consider many things: we talked about the cover; next step is to play live and show the energy of your music, present it on the internet via videos, homepages and facebook, make and get promotion,… you have to give people the chance to get to know your band and music, because there are a lot of competitors outside…

Is promoting the band becoming an easier task as you release new albums or do you feel that you still have to educate people as to who and what IRDORATH is?
-Oh, there are a lot of people out there to be educated in who we are. But yes, every release is a step forward, as well as every show we play, every interview we give and every review we get.
Only to release an album is way too less.

I remember in the 80s how hard it was for smaller bands to get a decent sound? How easy is it today to find a producer/studio that understands your needs?
-I think it is easier now. There are more studios you can choose that offer a good quality. But you have to pick a producer, that understands your needs and with whom you can work together to find the sound your music needs.
Therefore you have to listen to references he or she has and talk about expectations before you enter the studio. The producer / studio is important, but sound in our opinion is not only a producer or studio thing, it depends also so much on you as a band, your songs, your skills, your passion!

What part would you like the producer to have? How important in is the producer?
-The producer has to have the skills and the environment as well as the passion and the professional attitude to make the best out of the songs.
We do not want too much influence on our sound or songs, but there is also a small creative part during recording, where the producers sometimes come up with a good idea and if we like it, why should’nt we use it?

What does the future hold?
-We hope a lot! We just played concerts all over Austria to promote our new album “I AM RISEN” and it was really great. We just got the invitation to support the mighty SUICIDAL ANGELS in February in Graz and we are now planning concerts with one of the greatest Austrian bands DARKFALL in our neighbor countries which will take place in spring 2014.
Our goal is to play live as much as possible, have a lot of fun at the concerts and write new songs for the next album!
Feel free to check out our music, come to our live shows… visit and like us on facebook. There will be our latest information what`s going on and we really appreciate it if you also leave a comment!

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