There is a fulfilment in discovering acts new to you. Austrian IRDORATH and my interview partner Markus Leitner were totally unknown to me before I heard their album. Now I want to know more. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Let start with a short introduction of the band. Where and what is Irdorath?
-Hi! First of all we want to thank you for your interest in IRDORATH! We are a black/thrash metal band from Austria, formed in the year 2005.

What made you want to sing in German? Any limitations in using German as a metal language?
-That is easy to answer… our past singer, who was a member from the beginning of our band, has always written his lyrics in German and had some quite satisfying ones. So we started our band with German lyrics. German is a harsh sounding language, so it fitted to our kind of music. Yes there are limitations. You can find a lot of criticism in our lyrics but if you do not speak the language you cannot get it!

With 80+ million living in Germany I guess you could make a living playing music without leaving the national borders but how does singing in German work outside of your native country?
-That is true for Germany, but we are from Austria (only ~ 8 million people) and we are planning gigs across the borders in the future. I think there are a lot of people who like the sound of the German language also in other countries. We got quite good reputations from many people who do not speak German but I think it is harder than with English vocals.

What is a deconstructor of Flesh? What kind of lyrical themes do you deal with?
-A better translation is “Destroyer of flesh”. I think now you know what it means?! The main aspects of our lyrics are criticism according to mankind, the church and all different crimes and outrages people do to others. We present that in a provocative and some kind of brutal way, sometimes also with some sarcasm. I think this fits to our music.

How did you get a deal with Massacre Records? What are you expecting to get out of it?
-We sent the promotion CD of our album to Massacre Records and we got an invitation to visit them. There we had some good hours of talking and finally we signed the contract it. That is the classical way! We are expecting good promotional work and support and so far we are really satisfied. Massacre Records is a very professional label with good contacts, so we are looking forward to the future work with them.

Once you got a deal in your hand is everything from there a smooth ride? How hard do you have to work now to get even further down the road to stardom?
-Haha, no! Nowadays with that large amount of bands worldwide, the internet, downloads and so on, nothing is a “smooth ride”. But we love to make music and are proud that we could get that deal. Since then we are working even harder and are developing our music and sound. We are very realistic… is there any road to stardom in the present metal scene? If your answer is yes, call me!

What kind of scene is Irdorath part of? Do you feel like you are being treated with the kind of respect you deserve?
-We are not trying to fit in one scene or subgenre. I would say we are part of the whole metal scene. We are also open minded to other metal stiles than black metal, this is what you can hear in our music as well. I think every musician who works hard and honest deserves respect, no matter which kind of music. Everyone has a different taste, so if someone does not like our music, that’s okay for us. We get respect for our work and music, but of course not from everyone!

How much of a live band is Irdorath? What kind of live scene are you a part of?
-We really like to play live. But due to problems we had with our past members and their motivation, we did not play that much in the past. This has changed now. We use corpse paint and spikes live, cause that’s what fits to us, so due to that, you could see us as a member of the black metal live scene. But as I said before, we feel as a part of the whole metal scene (especially black, trash and death metal).

With some really great festivals in Germany how hard is it to get on them? What kind of live scene is there apart from the festivals during the summer season?
-There are a lot of festivals, also in our home country Austria. We play some of them this year, 2013 we hopefully play a lot more and the bigger ones in Austria and Germany. In Austria there are many concerts besides festivals, maybe too much. It is impossible to play or visit them all! But we do our best, as band as well as visitors.

Tell us the plans to further bring Irdorath into the limelight?
-We are busy writing songs for our next album and are very confident with the result at that time. Besides that we are practicing a lot and planning concerts. So you will definitely hear from us in the next year! Thank you for your interesting and comprehensive questions! Feel free to check out our music, come to our live shows… visit and like us on facebook or myspace. There will be our latest information what`s going on and we really appreciate it if you also leave a comment!

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