With that air of old school death metal Mexican ISOLATED proved to be as fresh as a daisy. Interview answers by Ishtar. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Could you give us a short introduction to the band before we get down to the serious matters?
-ISOLATED was formed back in 2003, in 2004 we did a 3 demo songs and spread it for a while, after that the band was on hold for 6 years or something until we decided to return and record our album debut called “Demonical Conspiracy”

How do you find a sound that is all your own? Do you go on gut feeling or is an assembling of different influences?
-We have some diverse personal influences but as a band we are inspired by Metal from the 80’s of bands like Testament, Overkill, Iron Maiden, King Diamond and more. Band started as a Melodic Death Metal band totally into the Gothenburg sound but time passes by and we have incorporated other influences to our sound as old school Death Metal like Asphyx, Pestilence, Death, Carnage, Nihilist, At the Gates to name a few.

When you enter a studio do you already have a clear idea about what sound you want and how to achieve it?
-Yes of course, we are a band that could be a “new band” into the metal scene but we have been active on other projects for several years so we have clear what we want when it comes to the sound of the band.

What is it about Tomas Skogsberg and Sunlight that gives it that distinctive sound?
-We wanted to work with Tomas since he is a master/legend regarding production and the history behind his work so we wanted an album to sound Melodic and clean but at the same time with the rawness from the old days and Tomas understood exactly what we wanted to sound like so we thought he was the best option for Isolated.

How important is it to be able to put a tag on the music you play? How much does it help steering the people in the right direction towards your music?
-Well for us at least is not a matter of taking care of, people listens what they like it’s simple. If I want to listen new bands/releases I just simply look for them of course looking bands into the genre I like so If people wants to listen your album they will do it, If they are not interested they won’t do it, period.

When you have an album out how much do you think about stuff that could have been done differently? Do you keep notes for future recordings?
-Not really, we record what we think its right for the time, inspiration talks basically. If for some moments we think we could add this or that riffs that we didn’t record, perhaps we will record them on the next album perhaps not because there could be riffs that are useless.

How important are the lyrics? Do they have to follow a theme? How many times can you write about death, Satan, kill the Christians etc. before it becomes boring?
-I always check them out and arrange some together with the singer Jorge, he does the lyrics always so we think that lyrics has to have more meaning than just talking about the same topics over and over, we get tired of that actually, we try to show a more metaphoric way when it comes to the lyrics, they may have some classic or cliché titles but on the inside are more deep than people might think.

How important is the art work? How do you find people that can turn your ideas into art?
-We care about the artwork you know, we are an unknown band so we think its really important to capture the attention of the listener but at the same time to have an art that represents an extension of our music and ideas. Its not that easy to find an artist but mostly a cheap one hehe we wanted Dan Seagrave to do the artwork for our album but the prices are out of reach.

What kind of scene do you feel that you are a part of? Is it important to have a national scene that you can identify with today?
-We play Death Metal because it’s what we love to play with some extra influences that’s all. Being from the country we are (Mexico) it’s really hard to outstand since we don’t have a proper scene over here, there is just a few who really does it in a professional way like we do, people’s attention is always on bands from Europe and USA I think.

What future is there for Isolated?
-Right now we are recording our second album untitled yet, we have recorded 8 new tracks plus a Carnage song called “Dark Recollections” we think the album will be out in autumn if everything goes as planned.

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