You might guess that with a name like KALEVALA this is a Finnish war metal band. But you could not be further from the truth. Look to the south of Europe and you’ll find the origin of this band. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Why does anybody want to choose a band name that is so closely related to the Finnish history/folklore?
-Although we appreciate it and we love the beautiful sound of Finnish traditional poetry we’re not so much into Finnish folklore, we choose this name many years ago because Kalevala was close to our way of being “epic” , not warmonger but more shamanistic, and , in a certain way, “domestic”. We also loved the meaning ..”land of the heroes” , we have a particular idea of what being an hero means.

Given the choice of band name do your follow a concept both musically as well as lyrically?
-Not strictly. Are Led Zeppelin songs about airships?

Where do you see yourself fitting in on a worldwide scale of metal?
-At the top, of course.

What have been your greatest inspiration/influences in shaping the sound of the band?
-Celtic traditional music, traditional music in general ..great hard rock and metal bands such as Rainbow, Jehtro Tull, Led Zeppelin…metal bands ..from Iron Maiden to Pantera and eclectic bands like Faith No More, but I think our style has a punk attitude in it.

How pleased are your with your latest recorded works? What is it that you want to achieve with this recording?
-I think the last work, There and back again, has got the right sound for Kalevala. We’re happy about Carlo Izzo , the studio engineer of Moonlight Records. It is the first time we could get what we really wanted, the right mix of energy, power and naturalness. It is very different from folk metal standards, I know, but that’s the way we are, no tricks.

How important is it to you that the band makes it? How dependent are you upon the band turning into a career?
-We want to make music our only job, some of us already did it. We know it’s not easy, we’re doing many sacrifices and we’re ready to do much more. There is only one thing we will never do, we won’t change our music. We love our songs and we respect the people who love our music and come to jump and scream at our live gigs.

Is it important that the art work matches the music and the lyrics? What difference can a bad album cover make from a really great one?
-The artwork is one of the few possibilities for a band to communicate in a different way, it is very important. We collaborate with the same guy since 1998, he grew with us and he knows very well the lyrics and understands the spirit of the band

How do you find the right kind of people to work with? How do you know to trust them with what is probably the most important things in your life?
They have to be creative, elastic and they must be able to survive in very bad conditions!

Is playing live important in today’s digital downloading frenzy? How do you get the computer guys to come out to a gig and leave their computer at home?
-By infecting via Facebook their PCs with formidable viruses

What kind of future do you see for the band?
-We shall become a worldwide known band or we shall end our life rowing on a yawl. We swear it!

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