Through metal I’ve travelled the World. I’ve been to South America, Australia, the US and Asia but I’ve never been to Nepal. KALODIN has taken care of that now. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

From what I understand you are exile Singaporeans living in Nepal. Is there a big Singaporean population in Nepal and what was it caused this migration?
-To start off, we are not Singaporeans to begin with. We were born and raised in Singapore for 18 years. Our fathers, being Gurkhas are granted 25 years of service upon enlistment and as soon as the contract comes to an end, the family has to leave Singapore. Yes, there are many Nepalese born and bred in Singapore, living in Nepal because of this unattended crisis since decades ago.

I gotta say that I was majorly surprised to see that there is a metal scene in Nepal. What kind of scene do we speak of?
-If there is discomfort in a state, there’s bound to be Metal! Nepal Metal scene has been improving gradually for the past 10 years and since 2010, the scene has improved tremendously. Exceptional bands which differ from the rest of 100 bands always appeal to the crowd and bands like that are increasing in Nepal. The amount of respect we get from our fans in Nepal, its fucking amazing. We are new to the scene and the crowd that we see during shows, it’s fucking awesome!
‘VADER’ who recently put up a show during Silence Festival II 2011, one of the first few international extreme metal bands that played in Nepal and it was an absolute honor to be able to share the same stage with them.

Life’s no different for you guys. You wake up in the morning, get out of bed one leg in front of the other, eat breakfast and go to work/school. How different is life as a metal band in Nepal compared to Sweden?
-I am not sure how it is living in Sweden, being in a band. In Nepal, it is as difficult as you can imagine. The lack of proper high end gears and when you find those gears, it’s overpriced. But things are changing now. Silence Entertainment, based in Nepal is the sole distributor of Laney products in the region and there are others too. But if I look at it from another perspective, we look forward to trying something different and exploring music. For instance, incorporation of Sitar with heavy metal is a project I’m partaking with a prominent musician in the scene and sometimes we have to make do with what we have. My point is that it doesn’t matter where we are, musicians here do not stop but keep on exploring what they can do with their sheer passion for music and I can only imagine that the exact same thing is happening in the cities of Sweden.

I find it fascinating to find out how people get to hear about metal the first time. What was it that brought you to metal in the first place and what kind of feelings did it bring with it?
-Rage building up inside of us. We have to let it out somehow. Listening to Metal when we were 13-14 years old, was off-putting but it accommodated the medium we needed to vent our anger and confusion. Eventually, it started appealing to me when I came across Maiden’s ‘Hallowed by thy name” like million others. It was like none other and still is. When one is about to surpass one’s mental threshold but being able to withstand the temptation, just losing oneself during that few minutes and coming back to reality, mesmerized by the power of the whole fucking musical trip!
That’s how I felt and the journey began.

Being a black metal band in a country that isn’t Christian, how does that work? What is black metal to you?
-Religion is not in charge of deciding what works or what doesn’t work, people are. I know there are enough metalheads in Nepal for these matters to not be of any inconvenience to us or to the underground scene of Nepal. We write out our music in the most metaphorical way, relating the lyrics to history and the transition, religion, sex, ignorance and basically our daily practices. We do not restrict ourselves by being controlled by religion. Music is about setting yourself free from all the bullshit. And that’s exactly what we are doing. We write relating to general perspective of our lives should it be one religion or the other. What is Black Metal to me? Manipulating a lie repeatedly makes people perceive it as the universal ‘truth’. We are against that fucking lie.

What would you consider to be your greatest influence as a band?
-In general, the anticipation of what is in store for us musically if we take a step further inspires us. We listen to bands like Behemoth, Marduk, Gorgoroth, Dimmu Borgir (Black Metal) and many other types of sub-genres, though we are extremely influenced by these bands, we add our own sound and make it different from any other.

When you want to record where do you go? I guess finding good studios and engineers in Nepal is a hard task?
-Recording was a huge hassle and an excruciating trouble for us during the production of the first album. 3 members residing in 3 different countries with no drummer and as I was leading the production, I did what I can with Midi drums to fill up the void and to carry on producing ‘DIY’ instead of stopping. It used to be a problem here in Nepal for bands to record their materials but right now, there are many uprising studios which can easily fulfill the needs of the musicians during production and there are many emerging audio engineers whose knowledge are intriguing!

I understand from searching the net that there are gigs being organized in Nepal. Do you only play with other local bands or do you get international bands to come too
-We started out playing live back in Singapore and got active when the members reunited in Nepal after 2 years. Since then, we have been actively playing open air gigs with many prominent local acts, our legions in Darjeeling and Guwahati, India. We have also recently shared the same stage as the mighty Vader when they played the Silence Festival II 2011, Nepal. As I’ve mentioned, Vader’s one of the first few international extreme metal bands that has blessed us with their presence. I am certain that the gateway to extreme metal has opened for international acts to play in Nepal. There will definitely be many more to come.

Living in a country not known for its metal scene how do you reach out to those who’ll be interested in the band?

What kind of future do you see for Kalodin in Nepal? How are you going to spread the name to the rest of the world?
-I’ve always known where we will end up in the near future because of the direction we’re heading towards. Soon, the members will move for further studies and continue Kalodin from where they will be. But, we will always be, where we came from that is Nepal. We have till August 2012 for a final show in Nepal and it will be a while before we play here. It could be months or years but we can only hope for the best to come back to our home and play for our brothers and sisters who has been there for us since our first gig in Nepal. We have the internet so it is much easier to spread the music. We also have friends in different parts of the world with whom we collaborate with, for mutual promotion. DIY.

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