KAMBRIUM was totally unknown to me but their death metal-ish music proved interesting enough to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Seeing as I know almost nothing about Kambrium can you tell me where you come from?
-Kambrium is a German metal band. We all live in Lower Saxony (that’s the North West).

To be honest I kinda expected the worst kind of funk groove metal the first time I saw the cover/read the band name. Luckily it turned out much better than that. What made you want to play the kind of music you do?
-We all listen to different styles of (metal) music, so we didn’t want to play only death metal, or only gothic metal. Combining different styles, so that they work together is original. But Funk was never

Do you see yourself as lucky getting signed to Massacre Records or do you feel like you deserved it by working hard?
-It feels great to be signed to Massacre Records. Sure, we have worked hard for this, but we would never say, that we deserved that. For us it’s a great pleasure and a big chance to share our music with all the people around the globe!

When you sign a record deal, does it feel like you’ve made it now or is it now that the hard work starts?
-Haha, the hard work has just begun. We don’t want to be a “One Hit Wonder”. So we have to do something for it! It will be much harder to not disappoint ourselves and the people that like us.

Once you’ve signed a deal how much say do you have in the way the cover art is picked out/the lay-out is shaped?
We are very satisfied! It’s a pleasure to see our CD in its final shape!

With an ever changing music industry is a record deal something you need/want or could you have done it better on your own?
-We think that nothing Massacre Records does for us, could be achieved on our own. Now we are initially able to see what this is all about – and we are glad to have signed!

How much do you have to do on your own and how much does the label you on your way to stardom?
-Wow, “stardom” sounds so big! 😉 Massacre Records really does most of the things for us: publicity, promotion, bringing our CDs to the stores, giving us best advice, helping out with answers to
everything… Well, playing our concerts and writing our songs are the only things that we still have to do on our own! 😀

When you are a young band how important is it to have local bands to look up to for inspiration?
This is one of the most important things! Quite contrary to big idols, you can get into contact and friendship with other local bands. You can learn so much from each other’s experiences – like
arranging and promoting concerts, making up networks, giving support etc. It creates the spirit!

Is playing live a good way to shape a band’s sound or is it just enough to stand in your rehearsal place carving out the sound?
-Of course, you spent most of the time at band rehearsals to figure out what works best concerning the songs and the sound. But when you play live, your songs themselves come to life. Then you really
know which one of them has got what it takes to explode! Gigs are essential.

What kind of future would you like to see for Kambrium?
-We would love to create more music and to play everywhere where people want to see us – Let’s see how far we can get! For now, we nearly reached everything we once dreamed of.

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