Being Swedish I’m not that into the larger than life image some bands surrounds themselves with. I go more for the music. As with KAMIKAZE KINGS. Had the music not been good I would have paid them no attention. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

How hard is it to come up with a good and catchy band name? What does your band name mean to you guys?
-KAMIKAZE KINGS, the band name, was given to us. It came out of the blue! Sent from up above! We are blessed and we feel entitled to call us KAMIKAZE KINGS. You know this joke: what is the difference between a terrorist and a rock star? … Well, you can negotiate with a terrorist. We do things our way and we give it our best shot. That is why we are KAMIKAZE KINGS.

What kind of hardrock scene is there today? How much of it still lives on in Germany?
-Germany is a great country to be a rocker! First of all there is Berlin with its famous Rock clubs such as Wild At Heart or SO36. Then there are still Rock and Metal legends like Accept, Doro or Skew Siskin who release strong albums and who tour a lot. We as KAMIKAZE KINGS are not part of a secluded scene. We like to rock. So when someone’s up for Rock ‘n’ Roll entertainment a Kamikaze show is the place to be. We have a lot of friends who are part of a variety of special scenes: Bikers, Metalheads, Rockers, Punks and Rockabillies. They all come to our shows and it is great fun to party with them.

I’ve always wondered why a hardrock/metal band releases a single. What does that give you as a band?
-We do it for the fans! They like it and we love it! We shoot a video for every single release and design a special cover. And for example on the single for “BOYS ‘N’ MEN” we have a special non album track called “The Dream Is Dead” which you cannot get anywhere, but on this single release which is a special treat. Many asked for the release of “Saturday Night Hero” as a new single release so we decided to do it. This is the kind of communication we like to have with our audience. We do it for them and it is always great fun to shoot a video and read the feedback we always get after releasing a single.

What kind of reactions do you get to your recorded music? Are you able to see a bigger interest in certain areas? Where have the band worked best so far?
-We get a lot of passionate feedback. All in all it is very positive and encouraging. We also get amused comments and confused statements by people who just cannot get it that it is allowed to be a KAMIKAZE KING, to wear Wrestling belts, put on heavy make up and to have a good time with the fans. I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to be what I am. We get a lot of response from all kinds of different magazines, blogs and TV stations. For me the most important thing is to entertain and make people enjoying themselves by listening to our music and watching our videos.

How do you promote the band for it to grow in all areas of the hardrock globe?
-We do everything we can to promote the band and the upcoming album “The Law” which comes out August, 31th. In a few months everybody who is into Rock or Metal will know the name KAMIKAZE KINGS. Our record company Limited Access Records is very supportive and experienced. It is good to have them by our side.

I remember that there used to be hardrock clubs in Germany in the 80s. Is that a good way of promoting a band, visiting these kind of places?
-Well, I don’t go that often to Hard Rock Clubs. I don’t have the time. We all work really hard to promote the album and play as many gigs as possible. So we know a lot of clubs by playing shows but as a private person I prefer to stay at home and concentrate on booking, promotion and writing lyrics.

How hard has the social media hit the live scene and socializing in reality rather than in front of a computer screen?
-Who can say? For better or worse we have to deal with it. This is the current situation and the current state. I like it that we can get immediate response from fans worldwide by participating in the social media network. We organize gigs and stay in touch with promoters. So that is awesome. I think someone who is into Metal and Rock is willing to attend every concert in his area. You can encourage these guys by posting your stuff and they will come! This is great!

Do people care for a live show today or have they become jaded by all the jeans and t-shirt guys they’ve seen up on stage?
-People love great live shows. Kurt Cobain is dead and he took the Jeans and T-shirts mafia with him. Today anything is allowed and a good live show is very much appreciated. Of course there are these whiners who always complain, but then again: a king is a king. I don’t give a flying fuck if someone thinks I should step back or be more serious. The thing is: we are deadly serious about what we do and what we promote. The live show accentuates our intention to give the fans some kind of faith in life. And they feel it! It is all about passion, energy and our love for Metal Rock.

How important is image in order to make a band stand out? When does image become too much?
-I think in the bitter end you cannot create an image. It is an illusion. People who are trapped inside of an image go crazy. I don’t wanna be Britney, poor, old Britney. That is why she lip syncs all of the time. And she cannot dance anymore! How can you forget how to dance? She must be on very strange pills. Anyway, people or the media project an image. We entertain with what we have to offer as artists. Then it it is up to you to give us an image.

What does the future hold for KAMIKAZE KINGS?
-Only the best: we release our album “The Law” at the 31st of August and play a special release show at the Wild At Heart in Berlin on the same date. You can check our official website www.kamikazekings.de for the latest news and feel free to contact us on Facebook, Twitter, Regioactive, google+, MySpace or Reverbnation. It is always good to get in touch with you guys!

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