The prospect of piano covers of extreme metal songs might not sound that exciting but give KATARINA GUBANOVA a chance to prove you wrong. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

When you look back and see how far you have come what do you think of this crazy journey so far and where the heck will it take us?
-Oh it’s true, this journey is absolutely crazy. 5 years ago I lived in Kiew and played metal, and if you told me, that i will back to classic piano sound – I would laugh 🙂 So, who knows what will be the next.

I often wonder how people discover that they can do what they do. How did you discover that you can sing and play instruments?
-It was in deep childhood. I was about 4, we had piano, and I loved to just clatter keys. I called this Show . Then, my parent decided to show me to teachers and discovered my perfect pitch. And that journey began.

When did it become a revelation that you can do this and maybe get paid for having fun, instead of just putting out all the money?
-When I admitted that I can not be happy only as a musician, everything else is a compromise. And what I started to take it serious, not only like hobby, people also started to take me as a professional.

When you spend an amount of your life on music does it ever feel like you have wasted time, that you have fought one too many windmills?
-Oh yes, i understand this feeling very good… unfortunately.
But I can not imagine another life.

No matter how small or big you were you will leave a legacy behind you. How do you want people to treat this legacy?
-I want to be Inspiration.

Is digital taking away the mystery of waiting for a new album now that you can upload as soon as you have written a song?
-You are right, digital era is creating new rules for us. But I made for myself decision to publish immediately only “live” sound – youtube or instagram, but real studio sound tracks – only as singles and EP according to plan 🙂

How important is image in separating you from all the million different styles of metal there is out there?
-Very important and for me, to be honest,was easier to compose album, and searching of visual image are still in progress.
But i think, that this is not a point, it is endless process of developing and improving everything.

How do you pick the songs you do cover of? What do they have to convey to you for you to play them?
-All covers , I played – are my favorites. Now I am almost quit listening to metal music, but still have playlist with all-time-hits. And also I am asking my friends and followers what they want to hear from me.

Do you consider yourself a live artist or do you like to spend most of the time secluded in a studio?
-I am more Artist, I like this live flow, I am improviser – and this makes sense only in live situation, but I would like to make both – studio work too. Studio – is a place to create new, to think and analyse. I like balance everywhere in my life.

What does the future hold?
-A lot of new adventures for sure!

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