KEEN EYED might have a name that doesn’t really say that much but once you got used to it, it actually makes sense. Anders Ekdahl ©2014

Where does the band name come from? Who are the fallen?
-The name means look that see far away, than it’s our mode to understand music, without any clear wall and border. The fallen are: Alex Zarotti (ex Upset Noise lead vocal), Teo Curri (guitar) and Lele Dambrosi.

When you start a band do you do so with a clear intention of where you want to go both artistically as well as musically or does that come with time?
-In this case final purpose it’s to create a particular chemistry that join all ideas and emotion. The song’s direction come from during the draft, which all members take part.

How did the members of KEEN EYED come together? How tough is it to get the right people together?
-We meet in the school time when we were childs. Then we frequent all clubs where you could listen good music. Today we are good friends, it’s very important in a band.

In forming a band is it important that there is a strong local scene? How has the internet changed the feeling of community in being a local band playing local shows? Does it still feel that you are a product of your surrounding area?
-We think that can born very interesting band even in difficult social and music context, like today. Internet help you to promote your music, but unfortunately music industry is so overfilled that a band risk to be burned too early.

What cool bands are there in your region that you?d like to push for? Is competition a good or bad thing in your area?
-Anyway, there are Rhapsody of fire, but we think they don’t required our promotion! Joking aside there are many interesting bands that need visibility.
Good competition is a good thing, incite you to let your light shine

When you record your first songs do you do that as a sort of showcase just to make your name known or do you do that with a grander intent of becoming world famous?

-Press a demo it’s the first step. All person aim for high, but the way is very hard. It takes humility and dedication

Is it important that the band has both a musical style that is its own as well as a graphic look that can easily be identified?
-The sound must be recognisable. Make a difference between a big band and a tin-pot band. That concern also graphics and artwork: all great albums had great artworks and all great bands had great logos.

What kind of reactions have you had to the band and its music so far? What is the furthest away response that you have had?
-Also thanks to the work of Rock ‘n’ growl promotion we received excellent rewiews from all Europe. Good critique was a massive boost in confidence for us, while criticisms give us the possibility to realize our mistake and the extreme in order to erase negative things in the future. We can disclose that new tracks (in process), certainly will have sonority more strong.

Do you agree that digital is killing the music scene as we know it now?
-Indiscriminate piracy maked gigantic damages, prevent new band from support by label 

What future is there?
-We hope in a future packed of music pleasure, but overall so much delight and health fo our loved ones

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