New Jersey often ends up the end stick of any joke. Resting in the shadow of the Big Apple, NJ is the place you move to to die. But that is not the whole truth. Think Whiplash if you want just one cool meal band hailing from NJ. Think Killed The Fixtion if you want another metal band. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

New Jersey is often at the wrong end of the stick in every joke. Is it as bad as it often is portrayed by the rest of the US? Is it the dullest state in the US?
(Nelson): For the 1st part of the question, I think about what Howard Jones said at the Killswitch concert in “09. He said “Jersey is a dirty whore. You might smell a little bit & you might look a little funky, but damn it feels good to be in you.” In all seriousness, it’s not that bad. There are a lot of things to appreciate like anywhere else, you just have to look for them.

What kind of metal scene do we talk about today in NJ? I remember some pretty cool NJ-bands from the 80s.
(Kevin): The New Jersey Metal Scene is mainly composed of Death Metal, Deathcore, Hardcore, & a lot of quote on quote breakdown bands. There are a few that try to break away from mold, but predominately that’s the current state of metal in New Jersey.

Being from NJ how much do you look to the bands on the other side of the Hudson? Are those bands the ones you measure yourself against?
(Abbad): Actually I don’t think we measure ourselves against anyone. We are musicians. All we care about is making great music that we enjoy, and hopefully the fans appreciate as well.

What’s up with all the breaks between growl and clean vocals? What’s so wrong with just letting the song run its natural course without breaking it up with all the breaks and stop and go of modern metalcore?
(Nelson): I’m not going to say my vocal style is unique, but it’s the way I feel I should express myself in my own music. As for the screaming, singing , & the different transitions between the two, it’s my personal way of expressing pain, happiness, sadness, & all other emotions through music.

How much of an anti-drug statement is the band name Killed The Fixtion? What made you go for this as the band’s name?
(Abbad): Killed The Fixtion destroys anything that has to do with following a trend. We represent the ideal of Pantera’s Great Southern Trendkill. We are totally about being true to ourselves. “To Thy own self be true” (Ving Rames), & we killed our fixtions a long time ago. So the name just came to our bassist while he was trying to give a name to the band. He showed us the name & we never turned back.

What is it that inspires/influences you as a band? Anything more that the other that has shaped the way the band came out?
(Kevin) Music from all different genres leaving nothing out & life experiences inspires/influences the band. For example, I’m influenced from anything from percussive music, Native American music, & the blues. Everything really has the same amount of influence on me. The ambition to create our music is always the same.

How hard is the metal scene to break into for a new and unknown band? How do you go about finding the right channels to spread the word of the band?
(Robert): It’s easy to break into the NJ Metal Scene for a new & unknown band. We’ve been in the game for 3 years now & we’ve gotten pretty far in all aspects of being a musician. It really all comes down to how bad you want it & how hard you work. The right channel to spread the word about your band is at your fingertips. All you have to do is use the internet.

With NY, NY so close by how much of a live scene is there in NJ? Where do you play if you want to reach the right crowd?
(Robert): There are always a lot of shows here in New Jersey & a whole bunch of people come out occasionally. There is never not a show in New Jersey, but people don’t always come out. Sometimes it’s the bands fault for not promoting, but people will come out if you work hard. It really doesn’t matter where you play, it only comes down to promoting & working hard.
Nevada has Reno and Las Vegas. New Jersey has Atlantic City, “the poor man’s Monte Carlo”. What is it like growing up with a sin city so close by? Can you as a metal band gain anything publicity-wise from all the people that come through that city? Handing out flyers etc.
(Nelson): It’s actually kind of funny. I used to go to Atlantic City a lot as a kid & it’s actually a funny place. It’s like fucking Disney World in the day time. At night, it’s nothing but crack whores & gamblers. It doesn’t really affect anyone other than the city, & it is 2 hrs away from anyone. I feel like a lot of things get lost in translation in the city unless you are a huge commodity. I doubt you will get anywhere, but hey the promotion is worth the try.

Where do you take Kill The Fixtion from here?
We move forward & on to bigger things. We will be releasing a new single titled “Moonlite Blue” which was recently recorded at world famous Trax East Recording Studios with Eric Rachel & it will be mastered by the great Allan Douches of West West Side Mastering. The sky is the limit. Thank you for taking time to interview you, we greatly appreciate. Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, & Good Night.

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