Norwegian black metal does not begin and end with Mayhem, Darkthrone or Dimmu Borgir. There is more to it than that as proven by KIRKEBRANN. Interview answers by Draug. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How controversial is the band name in Norway 20 years after the worst black metal controversy raged on?
-I don’t think it’s that controversial anymore, well it draws some people to it and some hate us even before they listen to us.

What is true Norwegian black metal to you guys seeing how different Mayhem is from Darkthrone from Immortal from Dimmu Borgir?
-I think if you listen to the three first Gorgoroth albums you get some of the best black metal ever been made. It got sound, feeling, darkness, hatred and everything.

How do you take a sound that basically is 20 years old and make something new of it?
-Well I just make the music that comes in to my mind I can’t say its “new” it sound like bm from the 90s. We have a lot of short songs that’s not very typical black metal people tell me, but so fucking what that’s the music I make. Call it punk black if you want he he.

How popular is the kind of black metal that you play today? Do you see a lot of similar bands all around you?
-There is always a lot of underground BM out there but I don’t think it the most popular kind of music. People who play BM do it because they like it not to be popular. It’s just like the blues.

When you play the kind of BM that you play is there things that never ever will appear in your music simply because it isn’t true?
-Well I guess it is to me. If it doesn’t give the feeling and sound it’s not BM to me. I think it up to who makes the music. Some maybe call themselves BM but it doesn’t mean I think it is.

What is it about black metal that has to be anti-Christian? Where does that come from and how do you take it one step further for it to not be seen as a cliché?
-It’s because we are anti-Christian and anti all religion. Black metal is about independent thought and free will a fight against all religion. It was a religion forced on this country.

How important is the aesthetic of the band i.e. how you dress on stage and for photo sessions, the way your art work looks?
-It like war paint. Powerful music and also a visual effect. It’s like when you hear marsh music and see an army marsh to it with uniforms guns. That’s powerful.

What is it that you want to get out of releasing records? Why do you do that?
-To get our music out. Maybe do some gigs around the world.

I’ve always wondered how you take black metal to the stage without losing its original purpose? How do you avoid it to end up a spectacle on stage?
-What you see from me on stage is real. If you don’t believe it fuck off!!

What lays in the future ?
-The world ends and everything dies!!

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