I can’t emphasise enough how fun it is to discover new bands that I haven’t heard of before. Kirmizi from Turkey was totally unknown to me but that is about to change. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

As somebody how almost started a band in my youth I’d like to know what it was that made you want to start a band?
-In 2005, when ?dil & Asl? met in a studio, they decided to form a band. We have always wanted a project like KIRMIZI for a long time. Since the day we met, we have never stopped producing.

When you started what was the main inspiration? What influences you now when writing music and lyrics?
-First we made our own songs, but then we were interested in cover songs. For us, being on stage, communicating with our fans and catching harmony together are always inspiring and exicting things. Our vocalist ?dil Ça?atay writes the lyrics&compositions of the songs and they include the sounds of life.

When five people get together to work as a unit somebody has to take charge. How democratical is Kirmizi as a band?
-Mostly our vocalist ?dil and our drummer Asl? take charge of everything. They are also the producers of the album. Both of them are the formers and members since the beginning. But if we are talkin about democracy, every member has right to say something, there are interventions, brainstorming and work-sharing all the time. So KIRMIZI is a democratic band ?

I find it fascinating how people find their way to heavy metal. What was it that turned you on to metal in the first place?
-Heavy metal is the best way to reflect what we feel. Distortion expresses the era we are living in. It’s about the level of our enthusiasm. We were born into a chaotic world, so our emotions and our thoughts are more passionate.

For us not living in Turkey the only Turkish music we come in contact with is the one we hear when we visit Turkey as tourists (folkish muzak). What kind of metal scene is there in Istanbul/the rest of Turkey?
-In Turkey, there is a huge mass of metal fans. Especially in big cities, there are lots of festivals and concerts. If we compare the past few years, the number of the fans are increasing every year.

What kind of support do domestic bands get from the Turkish metal crowd? Do they choose international acts over homegrown?
-Each band has fans in different amounts. There are also lots of albums released, events organized, magazines/webzines are published as underground, as well as the big companies’ works. Fans are supporting worldwide famous artists or bands as usual. But also some local artists or bands have a strongly loyal, very passionate and hard supportive fans. But in big organizations, promoters are not treating very well to local artist or bands by giving less time duration and low payments even they have that kind of fans. And this makes local artists’ or bands’ life harder, prevent the development and growth of local business. When we participate any organization at other countries, unfortunately we see a huge difference between promoters.

How does the touring circuit for a metal band look like in Turkey? Are there differences between the different regions of Turkey according to religion contra metal concerts/bands?
-In Turkey, generally if you are playing heavy metal, your tour range cannot be very wide unfortunately. People are paying much more attention to the metal bands in rock/metal bars in big cities, in university-student-populated cities or in some universities’ opening/closing festivals. Anatolia audience welcomes every artist or band warm because especially in small cities the events are rare. So creating a metal concert event is difficult for promoters. mostly university rock clubs are organizing. But comparing previous years, number of concerts at small cities are increased. So music finds its audience in any circumstances.

I remember how exotic it was to hear bands sing in Japanese when I first discovered Japanese metal in the 80s. Do you think there will be limitations to your breakthrough not singing in English?
– Maybe this will be a classic but it is a real fact that music is universal. You may listen and find something in a song even you are not familiar with its language. We receive very nice reactions from foreigners since now. Of course sometimes they ask about the meaning of the lyrics, but most of them give feedback about the sound quality, composition, even sometimes prosody. The time will show us whether this language issue will block us or not. Maybe we create a new album in English or release an English version of the current works. KIRMIZI is an open-minded band ?

How important is the way the band look to you? Do you have a strategy when it comes to image and graphic depiction?
-If you are on the stage, the outlook and image is important. So, as every professional band, we do care about our style. We always follow our instincts. Thus our music and our look are parallel to each other.

I came upon Kirmizi by searching the internet. What kind of means do you take in promoting the band?
-We strongly use internet, social media sites. We have accounts managed by ourselves. Also our fans had created some pages online. We released our songs and videos online for free. We have our own record company so we do all promotions by ourselves with our band manager. We create some events like autograph sessions to meet fans. We had relations with local TV and radios. Also we contacted with international media, for example our songs were on air at radio channels at USA. Sometimes international media like CNN Int. etc., saw us on stage, find our info at web, and want to know more about us. We keep our pages updated, we maintained our website and will be opened in these days. We also send e-newsletter to the fans. Last year, between many users, Ozzy Osbourne has personally selected us as his opening band in Istanbul concert by checking our works from our Myspace page.

What do you see the future hold for Kirmizi?
-For now everything goes the way we want and the path we are going looks so bright. As long as we work hard, there is nothing to stop us on our way to success.

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