When you open up for a misunderstanding already with the pronunciation of the band name you know that this has got to be something extra. KLOGR are something special. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

The most obvious questions that can’t be denied is the pronunciation of you band name. Why would a band want to choose a name that is to be pronounced “Kay Log Are” and not “Klogger”?
-I know that it is not an easy pronunciation, and that this question, and name, will accompany us throughout our career! I still chose the name because I was very passionate about the meaning behind ‘KLOGR’. The band’s name comes out of my own personal experiences, years ago. At that time in my life, I was searching for a path “inside”, to find a balance for myself. This led me to try to understand certain causes of the many discomforts of our generation. That is where the concept of the psychophysical relationship arrives. Basically, it is a formula that defines what people feel by linking the subject with the environment that surrounds him and the stimuli that can transpose. The formula is S = k_log_R, hence the name of the band. The whole idea revolves around the theory that we are not really as free as we think, but instead are constantly influenced by what surrounds us… for better or worse.

To me somewhere between alternative rock and alternative metal sounds like a wasteland. What is it an alternative to? How do you define alternative?
-You can call it crossover, if that helps. In the music market, crossover has a specific meaning that just doesn’t suit us. For me our music is just rock music, but everytime you have a new release you have to give a description of the band and the sound. Maybe ‘Till You Decay’ can be called an alternative to the rock, grunge or metal scene… or better yet, a mix of all those genres that creates an alternative.

Klogr as a band is from what I understand not that old. What were the intentions of forming the band in the first place?
-The idea was born in my mind a few years ago. After being involved in many Italian projects, I needed something to be able to bring out side of our country. Italy is a very nice place if you like sea, food and beautiful women… but for the rock music, we don’t have a very big culture. It all really began when I called a couple of friends from other local bands and we started to collaborate. Todd Allen moved from California to Italy for 8 months and the band received the “international” part it needed!

How easy was it to write and record an album’s worth of material? How grand was the whole plan to begin with
-I’m a producer inside the Zeta Factory, I have recoded many albums for other bands and I have my own studio. We had the possibility to spend 25 days in studio for the pre-production and all the song were created in a very natural way. For the production, I had a very clear idea of the sound and all the other member of the band had to trust me and believe in the work of the band. Everything went very smooth. The band has always set its sights high and continue to do so. There has never been and never will be a peak to our plan.

Do you have any kind of vision of where the band will do well in the World? Any specific place you target more than any other?
-I honestly do not know. We played 9 shows in the US and everything was better than imagined! The audience received us very well. In Europe, there are countries where our genre is the more popular (Northern Europe, Germany) but now it is very difficult to tell where you will be able to do better. Certainly, the United States is a nation where our type of music is typically created.. but we will see in the coming months.

How does a band that is pretty new get to tour the US? What kind of reactions do you receive from an audience all new to your music?
-As I said the bass player who worked on the album is Californian. Once he was back in the US, we were able to work together and put together the US tour. We played in small clubs but without him it would be very difficult to find a promoter that would go out on a limb
and take a risk for a new band. People were very happy and we hope to return for another series of concerts this Summer!

What were the intentions of starting to tour at the same moment the album was to be released? Is touring still the best way of promoting a new band?
-Absolutely. The live show is the only way to really promote new music. If not, you better have a very large budget to be able to advertise and have that reach new people and create new fans. We much prefer to hit the road and gain one fan at a time and see their reaction to
hearing something new. The concert dates create a buzz that advertising really can’t buy.

Being basically Italian do you get any sort of respect from the national music scene if you like tour the States or are you totally ignored?
-In most circuits, music is music. In the clubs, on the road, in front of the people … good music is good music. In the media, our origin is usually the only place where that is one of the first questions. Other than that, to music fans, it’s always music that comes first…
then questions about our background.

What kind of responses can you expect from the Italian music press when you release an album? Are they appreciative of the national metal scene and the impact it have had/still has on the international metal scene?
-The music is definitely more appreciated internationally. I think there is the objectivity that when a project is legitimate, to discuss if the quality is not, then you may like or not like …but it is always a matter of taste. In Italy, the projects are not always “exportable” but things have really changed in the last 5-10 years. We are very proud of Lacuna Coil and other bands that have taken their music outside of Itay.

Now that you’ve taken the first steps where do you go from here?
-We will leave for a European tour soon and then go back to the United States. We have begun to talk about having a few songs produced with some American producers, but we are still searching for the right one. So far, we have arrived at this point by ourselves and
are looking for the way to create partnerships so we might be able to more easily overcome the countless obstacles that are thrown at us.

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