As a guide to the vast array of bands in this universe I present to you an interview with KÖNIGREICHSSAAL. Anders Ekdahl ©2021

Let’s start with your latest recording. When you look back at it now what kind of feelings do you have for it?
-So it cost us a lot of work and nerves but in retrospect I can say that the debut turned out as intended. We are really happy with the end result but I realize not everyone in the metal music scene will like it, cause it’s not typical Black Metal but why take a shortcut.

I am fascinated by band names. What was it that made you settle on the one you have and what does it mean to you?
-We had a few ideas for a band name but in the end we chose Konigreichssaal. Some time ago we were in Vienna and after a few glasses of wine while visiting the city we saw this name on one of the buildings. We liked it and decided to name a band like that.

What does it mean to you that there are people out there that actually appreciate and look forward to what you are doing?
-What can I say… I’m glad that someone likes our work. Of course the fact that our work has reached a large number of people who listen to similar music genres is thanks to Giuliano – our publisher and owner of Cult of Parthenope. We are very pleased with this cooperation and hope to continue this.

How important is image to the band? What impression do you want the fans to get of the band?
-We would like us not to be compared with other bands. I don’t think we have a specific image. I think that image is shaped during concerts and we are not planning them at the moment.

I am a huge fan of LP art work. How important is it to have the right art work for your album?
-We ourselves are impressed with the final effects of the cover but this is a great merit of Izabela Grabda, we chose it and we don’t regret it. Izabela has painted exactly what we wanted on the canvas. We took the idea a bit from the works of Zdzis³aw Beksiñski – a polish artist, I think you may know him. So it seems to me the music and the artwork are coherent. It was supposed to be about poverty and the fall of civilization and it’s about that.

We live in a superficial world today where you don’t exist if you are not on Youtube and Facebook. Has social media been only beneficial in socializing with the fans or is there a down side to it too?
-If you are on social media you know that we don’t participate there or we do it quite rarely. I think some artists get too involved in social media also on the domestic music scene and this may be the reason for losing respect among the audience but on the other hand they are gaining popularity among the ‘clowns’.
As you rightly noticed we live in a superficial world and without media promotion you probably wouldn’t hear about us but I think it can be done rationally and not for show.

When you play in a band does it feel like you are a part of a massive community? That you belong to something that gives meaning to your life?
-Music has always been a part of our lives, we like what we do and I think there are effects. We are three buddies who like to play and chat while drinking beer. I don’t think we belong to a huge community. If someone likes what we do we will be pleased with it.

How much of a touring band are you guys? How hard is it to get gigs outside of your borders?
-As I said we aren’t planning to play concerts at the moment. We definitely need one more guitarist but it’s not easy to find someone in the small town we live in. But we will see..

What will the future bring?
-We are currently working on an EP which is almost ready and the next step is a full album which is already started a bit. So as you can see we are still working.

Jakub, drummer

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