Körgull The Exterminator – interview!

65Barcelona may have an international reputation for being an artistic and cultured city – but Körgull The Exterminator’s raw, dirty, and ultra-violent Black / Thrash metal ensures that an intense shell shock isn’t that far away – Shan Siva feels the calm before the storm in femme fatale vocalist Lilith!!!!!

What possessed you to come out with such an evil, violent sound?!

Lilith: I guess that that’s just the way we are! Evil and violent ha ha! We’ve always played the music that we like, the kind of music that we enjoy listening to.

I imagine that even these days Spain is a pretty conservative and religious society so was it a problem to find musicians equally possessed but also with the talent to bring Körgull The Exterminator to life?

Lilith: Not at all. The area of Barcelona has a great underground scene in nowadays. There are a lot of good bands of Black Metal, Death Metal and Thrash metal so that’s why it was so easy to find a new bass player. It’s also great to share stage with other maniacs, our gigs are really wild!!!2

All the current members seem to have played in a number of bands so is Körgull The Exterminator now your main focus or still a side project either for one or all of you?

Lilith: For me KTE is my main band but the rest of the band share their time and energy between KTE and their other bands: Graveyard, Akerbeltz and Lux Divina. We all have side projects with other musicians too.

I was really impressed with your vocals – quite different to the trend of most female metal singers – so who do you take inspiration from and do you have any special training?

Lilith: My inspiration comes from the singers that I admire, to name some I could say Cronos, Jeff Becerra or Lemmy. And as for special training I’m afraid none, only years of experience. I’ve been singing in bands of Death Metal and Black Metal for the last 20 years and I suppose that that must count.

From your name and the fact that you’re covering Razor’s ‘Take This Torch’ on this album I take it you take great inspiration from this period of 80s extreme metal so what is it about this era that you really like?

11Lilith: I’m the eldest of the band and in my case I was a teenager in the 80’ so I grew up with the Thrash metal scene, later the Death metal scene , in the 90’ the Black metal scene and finally a revival of all. I think that they are all very good scenes but if I had to chose one I would chose 80’ Thrash Metal…Sodom, Bathory, Possessed, Destruction…and for the rest of the band I presume that they just have good taste in music!

I grew up during this period and met quite a few of these bands (both then and later) and what impresses me most is that most of them were pioneers and just did what sounded good to them – there was no plan, no Pro Tools, no big name producers etc – so is that also the attitude that Körgull The Exterminator takes?

Lilith: Absolutely, that defines our way of working!! We play what we want and what we like without thinking further. We really enjoy what we do and we are never afraid of mixing different styles, we don’t care whether it sounds too Punk or Heavy or Black. As long as we like the riff we go ahead.

You’ve released this album through Van Records, one of the most respected underground labels out there who tend to put out very cutting edge music so how did you hook up with them – and I take it that you guys are happy there ha ha?!

Lilith: Yes, we are very happy and proud to release “Reborn from the ashes” through Van Records. It’s just as easy as that they heard our album and were interested in releasing it and although we had some other very interesting offers we decided to work this label. The artwork on both editions vinyl and digipack are impressive.

Does this mean that you will be touring a lot more and the world will get to see more of your aggressive style of metal?

Lilith: We hope that we will because playing gigs is what we enjoy the most…sharing stage with other bands, drinking beer backstage, the response of the audience. That’s what Metal is all about!8

Saying that, you’re one of the few underground bands to have released a live album – I have to say how impressed I am with this achievement – it’s definitely an 80s thing and not too many bands do it today (which is a shame) – so how did that come about?

Lilith: In fact we are about to release our 3rd live album! It’s a Split vinyl recorded in Madrid with other 4 bands. Well as I said before we do what we like so if we love buying live albums of the bands we follow it makes sense that we also release live albums. It’s also an opportunity for the fans that haven’t had the chance to see us live to realize what KTE is all about. We are definitely a live band!!!!!

Lastly, you’ve been saluted by none other than Fenriz of Darkthrone so how did that come about – have you met him personally and if not, what would be the first thing you’d say to him (besides thank you naturally)?

Lilith: We are extremely grateful for all the promotion he’s done for our band. After listening to our songs on the My Space he got in contact with us and we have kept in touch ever since. If I ever meet him I would buy him a beer and thank him not only for the things he’s done for KTE but also for keeping the Black flame burning!!! I think that the whole underground scene should thank him for his devotion to metal.

Thank you for your time Lilith!

Lilith: Thank you for your interest, we can’t wait to play in Germany for the metal heads to suffer our war on stage!!


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