Say Birmingham and everybody with even the slightest interest in hardrock/metal will know what we are talking about. But that could very well be about to change thanks to KROH. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

The most obvious question would be what it is like to be a doom metal band from Birmingham but I’m more interested in what it is like to be band in this day and age?
-I think it’s the same as it always was, always trying to get more people to hear the music you write, come up with new ideas. People can find out about you and check you out a lot quicker though nowadays.

Do you feel that it is more acceptable to be an artist/musician today than it was 30/40 years ago? Is it seen as a legit “job”?
-Not really no, it’s seen as a total waste of time as you wont make any money, so it cant be a job. It’s more an advanced hobby. Unless you’re an established band already.

How does it work to be only two members with one handling all the instruments?
-Easily, one writes and records and the other comes up with melodies and sings, not much different to a normal band, just less people really. Works well for us and how we are set up.

I can’t help thinking of Black Sabbath’s debut album when I see the cover to your album. How intentionally is the cover?
-That is exactly what we were trying to do, that is one of our favorite albums, so we wanted an image that was fitting for that style, I took that photo while looking for a new base for our studio.

What is the doom scene like in the UK these days? Do you feel marginalized playing the kind of music you do?
-We never feel marginalized, we just play and write what we like, I suppose our base point is doom, but its not our end point.

Is there a specific lyrical theme you need to keep to too when you play the kind of music that you do?
-Again, not really we aren’t limited we write and play what ever comes to us, so we could write about obvious things or about something we just read about in a book.

What is doom to you? How do you take it forward? How do you avoid stagnating?
-It’s been around for 40 years, and it hasn’t stagnated yet, so I doubt it will anytime soon.

What does it mean to be signed to a label today? How important is a label today?
-The label is owned by us, so its important to us, but with bandcamp and websites you don’t really need one, being on our label doesn’t bring us any money. But it does allow us to be totally creative and do as we like.

What future is there for Kroh?
-We are working on album 2 at the moment, and looking to expand our sound and ideas and hopefully tour in the future. so a lot is on the move

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