KULT OF AZAZEL has been at it for a very long time now. For that they deserve respect. If you like your black metal Americanized then look no further. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

For a band that has been going for as long as you guys have what would constitute success to you?
-I would have to say that keeping this band going the past 13 years, the amount of material we have written, the releases both in full length and splits we have put out and all the shows we have done. If the band ended tomorrow I could easily go to the grave knowing that Kult ov Azazel left some form of legacy. That is what I constitute as success.

Forbidden Records have rereleased some older stuff of yours. What was the idea behind that release?
-It’s been something that people have asked us to re-release for years. I had been kicking the idea around when out of the blue Forbidden Records approached me with the offer of re-issuing it. So when the guys at Forbidden mentioned they wanted the re-issue to focus on the days when we were known as Azazel I decided to not only re-issue the Order Of The Fly but to also add all music we ever recorded under that moniker that have been out of print or never released on CD. There’s also an unreleased version of our song Garden Of Shadows that we re-recorded in 2008 while we were in the studio recording Destroying The Sacred. So this has been properly titled the “Ultimate Edition” due to the bonus material that has been added to the release.

‘I have to admit that I’ve only heard one album of yours before this rerelease and I wasn’t too impressed by it at the time. Now I understand it. Is that a common thing with your music that it takes time for people to understand it?
-To be honest I cannot comment. Some love us, some hate us and some have hated us only to change their minds down the line and vice versa. Music like any art is subjective so really everyone has their own likes and dislikes and truthfully at the end of the day I don’t lose any sleep over what others think.

What is it that you like to convey with your music?
-Disgust, contempt, hatred and unbridled blasphemy.

There’s a lot of talk about USBM now as if it is a cohesive unit. Do you feel a part of it? What is USBM to you?
-USBM is nothing more than an acronym and one I don’t ever use to describe this band although others may. What it is to me is something I wish to be no part of. Another reason we do go out of our way to be part of the scene.

When you started all those years ago what was it that influenced you?
-I was influenced to play this form of music long before I started Kult ov Azazel. I grew up listening to Venom, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Destruction, Bathory, Sodom, Possessed, Exodus, Slayer and so forth. These were the bands that truly inspired me when I was a teenager. Still to this day many of them are still the inspiration when it comes down to me playing or composing music.

How have the things you’re influenced by changed with time? How different is the concept now compared to when you started?
-The concept is the same. Nothing has changed there. When I started this band we had a blueprint and I have not and will not stray from that. It is one thing time will not change. As for the influences they remain the same as well. I think a better way of putting it is over time and with age other influences have come into play but these do not waiver me from the path I set this band upon.

With a couple of releases under your belt do you feel that you are a part of a bigger entity or do you operate in your own vacuum?
-We definitely still continue to operate in our own vacuum. We want to be the outsiders. Although there are some that will always put a label on the band in some form or another we are very reclusive and avoid being part of any collective.

To me there seem to be a plastic kind of God fear in the States that dictates the agenda. How does one navigate through the bullshit of it?
-I do not see America that way. Yes, there are some religious nuts here like there are all over the world but God is fading in America. Eventually God will be dead in America. The only people that cling to God and religion are those in rural areas but technology and consumerism is changing that. These two things will replace religion here in another 15 to 20 years.

Is there newer stuff to materialize in the future? When can we expect to see a new Kult Of Azazel album?
-We are in currently in the writing process for the next album which will be titled Violators Of The Covenant that will be released on Negativity Records. Then there is the split 7” also through Negativity Records released last month with us and Teratism which is titled In League With Satan. This split is each bands interpretation of Venom’s classic hymn and limited to 666 copies. Anyone interested in obtaining a copy can do so from the label or directly from us by writing to us at kultovazazel@kultovazazel.com.

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