KULT has one of those band names that you think you have heard of but aren’t really sure about. Interview answered by Thorns (Drums). Anders Ekdahl ©2014

How hard was it to come up with the band name? How important is it to have a name that catches people’s attention the first time they see it?
-To be honest I never thought about the band’s name in that perspective. When the other guys formed Kult (I joined after they recorded the first album) they were just looking for a name they liked, not for something that could catch attention. We are not interested in being famous if it was what you were asking. For us to play the music we like and to play live is quite enough.

There is some hype surrounding the album. How much do you as a band notice the hype and what does it mean in reality for the band to be hyped?
-Well, promotion is very important not only for the band to get chances to play live but also for the label to sell the records. I have to say that for both albums we found very good labels that were/are spending energy and efforts in promotion and we got so many calls to play around europe here and there and that was/is good. Our previous label Debemur Morti and our actual label Folter Records are very good ones.

The album has been out some time now and the reactions are starting to get back to you. What have they been so far? Does everybody like your metal? What has been the worst review so far?
-Just around 10 reviews have been published since the album release date and none of them was negative so it sounds quite good for the moment. “Everybody likes your metal” sounds a bit pretentious but let’s hope so, why not? he he…

How pleased are you with it now that you have had time to live with it as its own entity?
-This album got millions of problems along the way cause actually it was almost ready 3 years ago when the band was forced to stop for almost 3 years because of some job problems, family issues and line up changes. A lot of things happened at the same time and we had to face them all with not easy success unfortunately… but well, now I have the new album on my hands and I can’t be but proud of it. It was hard but we finally did it and most important: it is exactly how we wanted: raw, powerful and killer.

How hard is it to let go it once it has been released and letting people form their own opinion about it, perhaps totally different to the ones you have of it?
-It is a part of the game, seriously I don’t think too much about it. As a fan myself I buy records that may like or dislike and the bands which played and recorded them can’t do something against it. If you don’t want your stuff to be judged it is better not to release it… or maybe give it only to your close friends.

How hard is it to build a career as a metal band today? How fierce is the competition for the fans attention?
-As I told you before, we’re not standing to build up a career or to face some kind of challenge between bands. We have our music and its meaning… if the fans out there think our music is great good, if not we’re going to sleep well at night anyway.

What kind of respect do you get from your regional/national press? Do they recognize local bands or is it just the big bands that come through on tour that gets the “headlines”?
-Seriously, I don’t care that much about Italy.. it is almost a dead place for dead people about black metal. We organize shows over here not that often as well.. we prefer going to play live abroad when people are more reactive and support the scene more seriously than our national “trendy” metalheads.

What kind of impact do the social media have on album sales and stuff? How much of thin air is the social media really where it really matters?
-To be honest I use a lot internet to get myself updated about new albums and released and I personally download a lot of stuff to know new bands and projects. The scene is releasing tons of shit nowadays and I can’t actually spend all my money to take some risk with shit bands. I always prefer listening to them first. But I have to say that I’m one of those last warriors I’m still spending a lot of money in original albums because Mp3’s are making me sad and I can’t stand them. As musician myself I find incomplete just the music and I need to see what an artist visually wanted to express with the layout also. Social media are ok when you get fast contacts for shows or festivals… quite easy going… also about orders I can say they help a bit for the same reasons: fast and easy. About promotion we really like FB for example. everybody is over there so if you post an event it can reach a lot of people and you get crowd at shows. this is not bad at all but you need to use it carefully if you don’t want to look stupid.

How do you best promote the band?
-Live shows. Always the best solution since the 50’s.

What does the future have in store for you guys?
-Well, our intentions are to play live as much as we can and obviously record new stuff in less than the next 3 years. Thanks for the space in your pages.

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