You might have read Shan’s review of KYSHERA’s album “Made In China” and wondered what it was all about. Here follows the answer to that. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Does being Welsh bring with it anything special? Are the Welsh the underdogs of the British Empire?
-The Welsh are definitely still among the underdog’s. It’s still OK for people to ridicule the Welsh & be derogatory towards them on British TV & in the press etc in ways that would be deemed racist if they were directed at another group but for us, as a band, being Welsh doesn’t have much impact on the sound, as we are a very eclectic band with influences from all genre’s & all parts of the world. Personally speaking as well, being Welsh is not a big issue for me as I consider myself to be a ‘human being’ primarily & I am not patriotic towards one small piece of land.

When trios are mentioned it often referred to as power trio. What is a power trio? What are the advantages of being a trio?
-I’m not sure what a ‘power trio’ really means, but for us, being a trio just feels right. We do use electronics as well so there is more going on at a live show than just the 3 of us playing but with the kind of fast paced, schizophrenic music we play, we would run the risk of it sounding messy if we had any more players! As it is, we’ve got a tight little unit that sounds as big as a motherfucker, so we’re happy.

Over the last 25-30 years we’ve seen some really great bands come from Wales but they seem few and far between yet every time it happens there seem to talk of a Welsh wonder. What is it like to be a band in Wales?
-Probably the same as anywhere else. There are cliques & scene’s (none of which we are part of!), clubs closing down, lots of bands trying to ‘make it’, not a lot of places to play & a general leaning towards re-hashing things which have already been done before.

I’ve seen a couple of reviews for your album “Made In China” and the reactions seem to vary. How much attention do you focus on reviews? What does a review mean to a band?
-Reviews are important in getting the word out about the release but you can’t worry too much if you get a bad review – what are you supposed to do, retract the album & re-write it to the taste of a journalist somewhere. Once you release it, you have to stand behind it & accept that some people will like & some won’t. All press is good press when you’re a smaller, independent band. It’s great when someone really ‘gets it’ though & accurately conveys the album’s vibe to their readers.

What kind of publicity is the best kind of publicity to get for a band on its way up?
-Any! Unless its publicity showing you to be a talentless fame seeker with no integrity or genuine artistic ambition – although there are people that wouldn’t care about that either!

Is there a greater point to the name of the album or is it just a case of British humour?
-Yes, the song ‘Made in China’ is about social engineering. How western societies are ‘manufactured’ simply to consume the products that are produced in the equally designed 3rd world (designed to produce). It’s pretty well accepted that most 3rd world economies have been structured to suit to the needs of globalisation but what good is all this cheap produce without people to buy it all? So, my spin on that is that consumer countries’ economies (the West) have been equally ‘structurally adjusted’ to be the other part in the capitalist Behemoth. We too are ‘products’ (produced to consume other products), we too are ‘Made in China’.

When you put together a tour what is it that you expect to get out of it? What kind of places will you play?
-We love touring! We expect to play lots of places, meet lots of cool people & hopefully introduce lots of new people to the band! The ‘Made in China’ tour will be a club tour around the UK & Europe, dates at

Is touring still a great way of building a band?s reputation?
-I think so. There’s other ways obviously, but a live show is still something special, you can’t download a live show onto your phone, its an experience, a shared moment in time between band & audience!

How much of DIY band is Kyshera? What does DIY mean today?
-Kyshera is now 100% independent! We were signed to a recording contract but that ended with a court case so we will be ‘doing it ourselves’ for the foreseeable future! All of our releases now come out through our own Konic Records.

What would an ideal future look like?
-For us as a band? I guess playing & making music for more & more people in more & more places! If you mean for the world in general, for me it would be a future whereby the decisions that affect people’s lives are made by those people themselves & not the 1%, a future where reason & rationality replaces religion & daft thinking, where compassion & humility reign in a culture that values scientific & artistic endeavour – that sort of thing

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