I knew nothing about L’ENDEVI prior to hearing their latest album but once that had happened I knew that I had to interview the band. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

For all those of us to whom you are a new entity could you please give us a brief introduction?
Mamen: L’Endeví was created in September 2007, we recorded our first demo that year. In 2010, we recorded our first self-released album “When I desire something you can’t do anything” and our first video-clip “Samsara”. Afterwards in the current year 2012, we signed with Art Gates Records and we recorded our second album: “An Eternity” and two videoclips: “An Eternity” (single), which is part of the soundtrack of the film “Renegados” and”Red Ivy” in which we have a special guest, Beleth of the great band Noctem. L’Endeví are: Mario (drums), Pater (guitar), Jorge (bass), Jaume (guitar) and me, Mamen (vocals). We are from Spain and we love Metal!!!!

What is the hardest part being a band on an independent basis?
Mamen: Ok, in this moment we are with the label Art Gates Records, and this is cool because the hardest part of being an independent band is solved with them. They do things easier for us, they give us support on the distribution of the album An Eterniy in Spain and worldwide, they assist the band with the management, they do advertisement of the band,etc.

What does the music scene look like in your town/country? How much support do you get
Mamen: In our country, the number of great bands which arrive beyond our borders is growing as Noctem, Angelus Apatrida,…and the fans of metal are growing, too, but it goes slowly, the metal-rock is a minority kind of music in Spain. Actually, we have support from the best magazines of rock and metal in Spain as TIR or La Heavy, and we have support too of New Rock boots which are from our country. And as for our instruments, we receive support from important international trademarks as Laboga Amps, Mayones for guitars, Lizsco and Santa Fe for drums.We also receive support from international companies such EMP and Woodbrass

I’m fascinated by why people chose a certain style of metal to play. Where there a pivotal moment when you thought to yourself ?this is what I want to do??
Mamen: For L’Endeví, there isn´t a conscious moment for planning what we are going to play. When we created the band, we were musicians and friends, so we tell ourselves that we would play whatever we wanted. We really don´t like to typecast our music, each of us has very different influences so the music of L’Endeví result in a solid but eclectic composition.

What are the benefits/disadvantages to being on a small record label in a country not exactly known for producing internationally big metal bands?
Mamen:Ok I told you the benefits in the other question, as support of management, advertisment of the band, distribution of the album all around the world…and the disadvantage is simply one, that you have already mentioned, we are in Spain and the world don´t expect anything cool from our country!!!. The work is harder for both, AGR and L’Endeví but we believe in us, cause our work is being recognized out of our borders since we began!!!

How much of a DIY-ethic do you have to have in order to get the band moving?
Mamen:Yes, we practice some of this ethic for getting the band moving, mostly for doing gigs! We practiced a lot the DIY-ethic at the first stage of the band but, fortunately for us, we have met professionals on the way, who believe in L’Endeví from the first moment, and they always give us support. We are talking about Vicente Ramirez a renowned metal-rock photographer in our country, Simon Fariza an excellent film and clip director and Fernando Asensi who is producing the best sound in Spain, and we have to say that there are a lot of people behind us to whom we have to thank for their work.

How do you get people interested in the band the best possible way? What channels are there to get your music out to as many people as possible?
Mamen: No doubt internet is the best channel to get out with our music to as many people as possible: webzines, online radios and the platforms facebook and twenty where we get feedback from our fans, they are so important for us because they give us a lot of good vibes!!! The online sales of our music are also important for us, for example by Art Gates Records web, EMP or Spotify .

When you are a band in the beginning of something great important is playing live and what offers are there to play live?
Mamen: As you comment, playing live is essential for the band; in fact, most people think that it’s our strongest point. Although the offers in Spain are not as wide as we wish to, L’Endeví has played both albums in the main clubs of the most important cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza…). Festivals are another good chance to play live; recently, we have been in Costa de Fuego Festival together with another great bands like Guns N’ Roses, Paradise Lost, Marilyn Manson, Lacuna Coil…

Does having an album to show for change things for your band? Do people take you more serious when you have something to show for?
Mamen: Definitively. After releasing the albums, we’ve noticed an increasing interest by the media; there are more interviews which give us the chance to talk about our music, different stations play our songs, reviews in webzines… All these things certainly have some effect on people who, more and more, get involved in the band’s stuff.

What future is there for L?Endevi?
Mamen: In the near future, L’Endeví will continue performing live An Eternity. In the meanwhile, we are composing the new songs for the next album. One of our aims in this project, will be trying to include as many gigs as possible abroad that’s why we would really appreciate your interest for the band. Thank you very much for your attention and we hope playing soon in UK.

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