With so many cool bands out there to check out I offer you some minor guidance by introducing you to LEATHER. Anders Ekdahl ©2019

What kind of plan do you have right now?
-Unfortunately for some,(lol) I lead a life of unorganized chaos. I don’t exactly ever have a plan, I just wing it. So my only vision has been to be able to sing and make Metal music now and then. A very simple yet complicated choice!
My musical endeavors have only been from all over the world, yet I wouldn’t say I made it big. With the convenience of social media it certainly has changed the playing field. I still believe in the end it’s the luck of the draw!

How important is touring and what kind of feelings does it bring?
-Touring is where I truly feel at peace. Where I am most at home. Crazy schedule’s, hoping the venue is full, singing my ass off to draw everyone in. No time to sleep, living in airports, being with my boys! Hope to do more and on a larger scale very soon.

What kind of feed back ha ve you had?
-The feedback has been remarkable! The acceptance of my new music without Chastain is extremely rewarding. LLB (Leather Leone Band) worked endlessly
on this material. As I have said before, musically we clicked immediately. Melody seems to flow with us. To me feedback is important due to the fact that I do it for you! My Metal friends who have stuck by me. Constantly inquiring and wanting new music.. Much love and appreciation!

How do you know when you have written a “hit” song?
-We don’t write or try to write “hit “ songs. We strive for melody that moves usand she usually comes quickly and naturally for me, Vinnie or Rodrigo! But that
being said, we definitely know when it won’t work!!, lol

What are your feelings on good old analogue recording?
-Good old analog…ahh the 80’s. Analog recording was done on reels of tape. I still love and believe, at least vocally it was a warmer , more real natural
sound. I particularly liked the bottom end that could be achieved on analog… Bass and drums can’t compare digitally to my ears anyway!!,
With digital, you can clean up all the crackles, pops, and with me the gum chewing. LOL Also you no longer need to be in a studio to record. As a metal vocalist , I miss the whole experience of analog studio recording.

How does it feel when people sing along to your songs live?
-Heaven ….brings tears to me eyes when young people sing songs that were written many years ago with me. I exist for those moments….All is well within
for a brief 3 minutes!

How important are lyrics?
-I just had that conversation with VInnie Tex (guitar player ,writing partner). I’m not sure lyrics are as important as the melody that carries it. Of course
for me as a lyricist, I need to purge and express….!! And I listen very carefully to every musical story that I hear.

What are your feelings about album covers?
-For me…a cover is still a major concern…I am a child of the 80’s….Metal is outrageously visual!, I will continue to set a mood with a dark cover, and vinyl
is back with us !

What does the future hold?
-Writing, touring, growing with LLB. I have found a band that finally thinks like me. Suitcases, bad food, late flights…….we don’t mind….just get us to the venue! Stay tuned
Love and Dio

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