LED ASTRAY came as a new band to me even though they have a history that dates back in time. For that reason alone I had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

When you release albums with 4 year apart does it feel like you are starting anew?
-In a kind of it’s true. We had 3 changes in the band since the first release and have now the feeling to be complete, somehow it is like a new thing/ start with amazing opportunities.

I know death metal really well but I’m not too sure about grind. What is grind to you?
-On one hand, grind is sort of fast played crust punk, but we don’t see us as a grindcore band. We love the elements of grind and try to integrate them in our music. However we are more a modern death metal band with influences of grind and hardcore

When you write songs what kind of process do you go through?
-Our guitar player Manuel is mostly creating the ideas of a song at home and sending the material to the others, before we rehearse and jam it instrumental. Later on, the singers bring in the lyrics. (you have to understand that it is sometimes not easy for us to rehearse, if some members live a couple of 100 km away from each other, because of work)

Do you have a lyrical concept that you follow? What kind of lyrics do you write?
-A bit maybe. We write lyrics about our all day society issues, like racism, the mass media culture or war. The band always tries to express a statement, that’s important to us.

I’ve been into the German death/grind scene for a long time. Do you feel that there is a scene to speak of?
-We formed out of the hardcore scene, that is where our roots are based from. This scene is mostly tolerant, even you have straight edge, vegan life style and anti racism. It’s about moral values and unity in the scene. So far we are not so familiar with a true grindcore scene but as you notice, the stereotype genres get more mixed up by the time.

What kind of scene do you feel that you are a part of?
-As I mention, we come from the hardcore and modern metal scene. We are not the kind of band who runs around with spike wristbands or get wasted with booze all day, we don’t like that.

Do you feel that there?s an aesthetic that you have to abide to when you play death/grind?
-Not so much. We just do what we feel and what we like to do. We don’t want to fit in a specific stereotype.

How important is the art work in selling you as a trustworthy, “true”, band?
-It is important to us, that our music, our doing reflecting us as human being. Of course we want to express that in our cover art work, shirts and acting on stage. We do our own thing, go our own way and we want to be handled serious.

What is that you are led astray from? How hard is it to find a band that works?
-The band name ”Led astray” comes from a song of the band “as hope dies” which influence us much. To make music, means for us to outlet and express our feelings/thinking about things, no matter what, good or bad things.

What future do you see for the band?
-We already achieved a lot, more than we thought of and we looking forward whatever comes up. Of course we hope that we get more popular, that people like our album and like to see us live.

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