LEVANIA is another exciting Italian band that needs to be discovered. Do so to begin with by reading this interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Do you see any limitations to being described as gothic metal? What is gothic in your metal to you?
Elena: unwittingly have hit the mark. For us, the definition of gothic metal has always been cause of problems within the band! Because actually the gothic genre is very broad in that we may be the only male voice as the only female voice can be symphonic or less .. we had no small dissension, but fortunately we overcame them all, almost unscathed. For us gothic means introspection first. then, female voice, growl, and what we play in our music

Reading the press release you are made out to be some sort of intellectual metal band. What kind of influence has Sturm und Drang, neo-classicism and 19th century philosophers had on the sound/lyrical themes of Levania?
Elena: ehehe, yes, we have an intellectual vein, but without smell under the nose! in our first album, venza “intellectual” can be seen, for example, texts such as Narrow way of Juliette, in which the basic story is taken from a short story by Edgar At Poe, interspersed with a poem of catullo. Latin and ancient greek we like very much, for their musicality, and always try to stick to the original philological way.

Is romanticism and classicism necessary means to fully be gothic? Where does gothic fit in the 21st century?
Elena: In romance lontanza time was critical. For us this album is the gothic should dye distance, both temporal and physical. Today there is too much technology, if I find the Gothic today I’d move to force things, at least as topics on cyber.

Is it possible to control a bands destiny to a hundred percent? How much a life of its own does a band live?
Fade: No it’s not possible but I think it’s possible to make events happen. Everyone makes his one hundred percent in the band, it’s clear that any single different personality bring differtet provision, the result is what you listen.

How much of a pre-described agenda did you have when the band formed and how much has been improvised?
Fade: When we formed the band we had no pre-descibed agenda ma not all was improvised. We had clear ideas from the beginninig about what kind of music play and what kind of songs write. It was also clear in our minds to follow a serious way of working. Music is our passion but we want play in a professional way putting as much effors as possible. Of course the wish is to arrive to be a famuos and known band all over the world.

How do you go about getting a sound that is yours alone? What kind of ingredients have you use to cook up you take on gothic metal?
Still: The sound is the last thing. First, for being original we must have original ideas, do not look for ideas from other groups, nor does it stop too much attention on them. The original sound is given by the originality of the idea. How much original an idea is, the more you can experiment new sounds. More original is a song more surprise the listener. The ingredients of gothic metal are: female voice, growl and keyboard, while in our kitchen we thought of adding at least a dozen more ingredients. You will discover listening.

I know what synthesis is but I’m not sure about parasynthesis. What is the album title all about?
Elena:Parasynthesis is complex dynamic of italian language. A “parasintesi” means merge of opposites. In the Italian Grammar means “generation of a word by apposition of opposites affixes. For us means duality, the opposition between soft and hard, black and white

Do you spend a lot of time on researching your lyrics or do they come mostly from the gut?
Elena: ehheh, our song …our songs are not born ever of jet. of jet we improvise, but then the pieces we study them thoroughly. and so for the lyrics

How important is image in today’s metal scene? What kind of part does it play in getting people to remember you, to set you apart from all the other thousands of metal bands out there?
Moon: For us the image plays a key role in the metal scene like in other musical genres. The metal has examples of a successful image in the field of metal from an early age and over time has become increasingly refined. Levania We are convinced that this combination must be built from all new recruits to be competitive in all respects music. For the moment we are still in the process of growth and experimentation and our aim is to grow more and more in terms of image and also offer a show that can enhance our compositions. Be remembered is not easy in today’s scene and now was invented a bit ‘of everything (in the most successful cases and less), but we will do our best to to remind us in one way or another …

What future would you like to see?
Fade: We will continue making our music trying to write always better songs. Our biggest desire is making peolple to appreciate what we do with so mouch passion.

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