I was late in finding out about LIDANDE but as they say; better late than never. So here follows an interview I did with Manny about the past of this band. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

How does a band end up with the Swedish word for suffering for a name?
-Hi, well it was given to us by Nachtzeit (Hypothermia, Lustre, Life Neglected) and we thought it would go perfect with the style of music we play, because life is suffering until the day we die.

What is that you want to say by being in a band? What does it mean to you to be a part of a group?
-Originally the band was formed from depravity of every day life and I thought there was nothing better than to create a band that I can unleash all that was in me. Primarily it is a very personal matter and the music usually does not get under the listener’s skin until after several listens in a dark, or isolated atmosphere away from everyday life and without distra_ctions! Its far more than standing up for the message behind the work which is total hate for the things of this world..there is just too much to explain and, in doing that would deteriorate the deeper essence which is the core of the music in which the listener should dig into. Not everyone can appreciate this type of music

Black metal is not just simply one thing. How did you find your way to the style of black metal that became Lidande?
-Well, after being into some black metal for about four years I eventually started to check out some labels and found some interesting underground black metal labels that promoted bands that were original and had the roots of pure black metal and it’s just something that happens I guess, it’s just something that is created and put together ….the spirit always leads.

When you are underground are there a means to an end by staying true to the underground? Does it add cred not being a part of the mainstream?
-I honestly do not care about being underground, or mainstream.. the work will go where it will, and it makes no difference to me as long as the person or people are interested in the material and not the band members itself, I believe music is apart from even what I have to say about my own self or what anyone else does for that matter…as to people believe what they want and it makes no difference to me, as everyone chooses their own path. The sounds are just a reflection of ourselves and nothing more, I would hope that people start to enjoy the music and not base their opinions on the junk that is said and spread by people that have no idea what they are talking about.

You seem to have been prolific in recording stuff. What have been the reasons behind unleashing so much material?
-Okay, there is always right timing when it comes to patient creativity. The band released it’s first demo in 2005, on to “Departure” which was released in 2006, which is pretty much a soul swapping, mind breaking story about emptiness and filling the void, which completes the vision as far as for my band, the other band being Hypothermia.

How important has the symbolic side of being black metal been to you? What is black metal to you?
-Very, I take the meaning and expression very seriously and it is certainly not of this world, I believe that it’s an art portraying the conflicting beings which is in opposition of the world, and total rejection of the ordinance of demand which holds no true freedom of belief or will for that matter.

How active have you been in getting the band’s name out to those that might be interested?
-I am not exactly sure what you are trying to write but, I stopped caring about what material is new or keeping track long ago, as far as speaking towards recommendation then I would say if you are looking for a lo-fi, draining black metal that’s unlike any other band then this is the way to go. Usually I would say it can get into anyone heart but preferably those into bands like Xasthur, Mutiilation, Noise music similar to Atrax Morgue and Stalaggh, and bands like Lycia, Sigur Ros, Cocteau Twins. There is no limit.

How would you like the band to be perceived by the black metal heads?
-They can perceive it however they take it, there is not one way to enjoy or measure the art, but personally speaking a devoted, unconditional fire which represents everything and everything yet nothing but nothingness. One of our goals has been to speak the voice of angels and the divine creator himself.

What does the being independent mean to you? Is there a greater freedom in not being tied to anybody?
-Perhaps, usually people get caught up with what has been said or lies and forget the purpose and vision behind certain activity of the band itself, to elaborate. I think when creating this type of art its best to refrain from publicity and labels until the time is right to complete the vision and art that which has pretty much holds a lot of value for me personally. Because I know that they are listeners who are hostile towards mainstream music as much to the underground so, I thought to create these sounds for a similar “seeker”

What future are there for Lidande?
-As of now the band is disbanded, I see no reason to continue the band however, anything’s possible (Audial Murder) (Audial Exorcism) (Departure) (Heavenly Metal)

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