LIGHT is a band from Berlin, Germany that caught my ears one day. There was something about the band’s name that made me want to know more about them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Is the band name meant to mean something special? Light instead of darkness.
-Honestly, it’s mainly derived from the fact to have a catchy name. Many bands are stuck to a certain style, because the band name forces them to do so. We wanted to choose a very simple name, and most important something that does not obviously foreshadowing a specific genre when you just hear the name.

When I picture Berlin, well any German city for that matter, I think of big gray housing complexes, rain and a generally dull atmosphere. Yet Berlin is being described as the party town of Germany. What are your impressions of Berlin?
-Sure it can be dull, sad, like any other place in the world.
Funny enough, we actually grew up in one of these gray housing complexes, but never thought about it is as a depressing area to live. It depends on how you see it and more important in which LIGHT you see it. Mainly Berlin is really like the tourist guides promise you: Hip, fast, party all the time, great nighlife, clubs, live bands, events, booze, girls. Inspiring city with inspiring people all over.

I guess there is some kind of metal scene in Berlin, as there seem to be in most German cities with clubs and places like that. What is life like for a metal band in Germany that isn’t signed to any label?
-We believe it’s pretty good. Just visit certain clubs and bars from time to time, get to concerts regularly. We have very close friendship and connections to some well-known local metal bands of any kind and we support each other whenever possible. So being not signed to any label is not really an obstacle, due to the fact the internet today offers you a lot of possibilities to manage your band and most important to promote yourself quite easy.

How much of a scene do you belong to?
-It’s fair to say that we do not really belong to a specific scene, since we are all hard working guys, and we have a wide area of interests. And it’s valid to say that we do not like extremes of any kind, because it quickly will bore us. We are open minded to any kind of music as long as it is kicks ass. You can meet us at any death metal concert, that’s for sure. Apart from that, post-rock is another favorite we all share and doom metal. And of course supporting the traditional heavy metal scene, whenever such a superstar band is in town.

What kind of live scene are we talking about for metal bands in the Berlin area? Or is it more club/house music that gets played live?
It’s pretty awesome, for any kind of metal you are interested in, even as they are only a few clubs. But you can always get what you want. There are also a lot of clubs that mix genres a lot, which is interesting as well. In regards to metal music, it seems that no band could really ignore Berlin, no matter how famous they are. Nearly every day you can see a show, and most of the time we even wonder ourselves how big the opportunities are: starting from little clubs and bars up to big concert halls.

Why does anybody want to just release music digitally? What is wrong with physical records for old school dudes like me to buy?
-There is nothing wrong – but a digitally release is quite cheap and you immediately get feedback from all over the world. Much faster than to wait weeks until someone is finally reviewing your stuff on CD/LP or tape. You simply cannot ignore this powerful medium. For the moment we just released our Promo ‘Ignition’ as a digital download only. Mainly to provide a first ‘proof of life’ and to find out for ourselves if we are on the right track. We are already in “Development Hell” to paste a full lenght album together – and we aim to serve all needs: Digitally, and the full analog package with CD/LP and tape etc. We are old school dudes too, and we love to actually ‘feel’ music and of course we like to expand our own CD/LP/Tape collection at home as well.

When you release digitally how important is the presentation? Do people that download care about stuff like art work and booklets?
-Good question, and that’s something we will take care of more in the future. So that when you buy digitally that you should get artwork/booklet as well, ideally bonus tracks and/or a video. It seems still that many bands just doing this wrong. We really just kicked it off, but we already have this in the back of our minds for the future, because it got massive potential, when used in a clever way and for the fans in fair manner.

When can we expect something that we can touch, finger and put in our CD-players?
-Definitely this year. And it should come along as cd, lp, tape – also merch will be available like buttons, lighters, patches, t-shirts … the more, the better! We are also in talks to make our digital promo a physical record, because we already received a lot of requests to that. So hopefully soon you can take your fingers into action!

How hard is it to do it DIY today with all the technology available?
-DIY Promotion via Internet is not that difficult, when you know how to handle it. We deal with that internet shit all day long at work, so it is not that challenging to set up accounts, link pages, create a web presence at all. Just place it on a couple of prominent sites like facebook, reverbnation, myspace or bandcamp. Done. This it how it works for us.

How far in on the journey that is Light are you now? Where do you see this journey taking you?
-We have only just begun. Ignition.We really have a lot of plans – not to forget about the first album we currently working on. We also have many ideas in our think tank, so it’s not just another hobby. Let’s see were LIGHT is taking us.

Thanks a million for the Interview!
May LIGHT bless you and your loved ones with miracles of love, faith, hope, joy, happiness and good health to enjoy life.



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