Honestly I can’t name too many metal bands from Sardinia. Come to think o fit I don’t know too many Sicilian metal bands but there is something brewing in the Mediterranean that is about to erupt. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

How do you take your personal favourites and make them into a band?
Ilaria: We all like gothic metal and its characteristics and we want to put them in our project. However all of us have different favourites too and take these influences in our music so they become an enrichment in every song. So we make our personal interpretation of gothic metal.

What were the favourites that made you want to make music on your own? How have the sources of inspiration changed over the years?
Ilaria: I fell in love with the gothic metal scene as Theatre of Tragedy, Tristania, Draconian and Within Temptation.
I liked the contrast between the female voices and the growling, the heavy sounds and the romantic melodies and I would put all these elements in our music. During the years we opened our mind to new influences like industrial, epic, folk sounds and more extreme parts. Bands as Samael, Amorphis and Dissection are some who inspired us in writing our songs.

Was it hard to find a moniker that would fit the band and its music? What kind of words were you looking for?
Ilaria: No, not at all! The story of our moniker is peculiar. I listened to a song and I misunderstood the words…I heard “lightless moor”, but it wasn’t! I liked its sound and we kept it! We wanted a moniker which represent our music and the experience of walking through a place without landmarks, in a rough nature, in solitude.

Do you have a concept that you use when you write lyrics? What kind of topics do you deal with?
Ilaria: It depends. “The Poem” is a concept, it tells the story of a poetess who write in her verses about a count, his curse and how to break it. In the lyrics there are different topics: love and hate, madness, sacrifice, passion and suffering. But also the passion to write and to leave to others my poetry. I write my poetry and then lyrics rise. I talk about the opposites in our lives, death and birth, love and hate, lust and purity. Love is often the protagonist of my lyrics, but it’s a sick, tormented love.

How do you think that this concept/lyrical theme will evolve with time?
Ilaria: They are always evolving and changing because they are strongly tied to what happens in my life, what I feel at the moment and what it’s changing in our tormented world in this days. Also themes as religion, violence, poverty, ethics, respect for every form of life are sources of inspiration.

Does the art work have to fit the music/titles? What kind of things would you never let near an album cover?
Ilaria: Yes, it does. It has to transmit the atmospheres, the mood of our music. I don’t know if there’s anything I definitely refuse. I don’t like using female images in vulgar ways…well I don’t like vulgarity at all…

When you have been going for so long as you have and are just about to release your debut album do you feel that you?ve acquired enough experience to not expected gold and green acres?
Ilaria: Yes, I think so. I think this experience and the difficulties we met to reach this goal make us more humble than before we start. Now we are conscious that the release of our first album is only one little step in our story. We know the journey will be very difficult, but we are ready to fight for our music. We became as a family in these years. We know where we come from and every moment we spend in the band makes us stronger.

Why has it taken this long to get the first album released? What have you been up to up to the release of the album?
Ilaria: We spent much time to find right musicians to start our journey and then we had to build the project. Moreover we come from Sardinia and this is often a problem in different ways. We spent these years to trace our soul, to make experience in live concerts and in recording sessions.

What has the journey up to the debut album been like? What have been the highlights so far?
Ilaria: It was a challenge…We wanted desperately to write and play our music. We engaged a lot of strenghts and resources, but we couldn’t renounce. „Renewal“, our self-produced demo (2006), was an important moment in our history, we had to fight to give it birth, but we firmly believed in our music and we held on. So we worked hard and we showed our project to many people, until someone answer our call. And so here we are…a gothic metal band from little Sardinia signing with WormHoleDeath!

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