There is something about Swedish black metal that strikes a chord in me. So whenever I find a new Swedish black metal I must know everything there is to know about them. Hopefully you too will get to know more about LIKBLEK. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

There are some Swedish words that would make for great black metal band names. What made you chose Likblek as the name of the band?
-We choose the name LIKBLEK because it was fitting to the cold Black Metal we play. Of course there are other perhaps more fitting names around but for us it was a perfect match.

Do you ever feel envious of bands that are being signed to Metal Blade while you are on a small label like Daemon Worship?
-No not at all. Black metal shall be underground and rare. Signing on a big label is nothing for us nor shall it be for any band in the genre. Fuck sell out.

How does one come in touch with these smaller labels? What do you expect to get out of it releasing records on these smaller labels?
-We sent out our demo tape to various labels and got an offer quite fast from Daemon Worship prod. We got exactly what we wanted with the album just to get it out.

If you had to sell black/death metal to somebody new to the genre what would be the main selling points?
-I would not sell out death metal to anybody new to the scene, there is enough people involved already.

When you play extreme metal do you feel a kinship with other bands/people into extreme metal?
No I don’t see the point. Not just because you play in a band but of course you have the same narrow-minded people around you, within/without the scene.

With time and technology it has become easier today to record and release on your own. What kind of role does having an outside source giving you feedback when you record play?
-Yes it’s easier to record, but there is also too much shit coming out because of this. Bands that never should have seen the light of day is now everywhere. And people not belonging to the scene sits behind computers at their parents’ homes destroying the underground with their emo thoughts.

Do you see playing live as a necessary evil or is it something you enjoy? What kind of touring can you do on your own without any greater financial backing?
-As far as Likblek goes there has never been any live gigs/offers so far so I can’t really say much. We will desecrate some scene in the future but for now it’s dead.

How much DIY are you guys? How much do you rely on other people?s support in order to take the band forward?
-We do the most ourselves. Of course getting support from fans and others helps us bring it forward and making another album.

When you are small and growing what are the best ways to promote the heck out of the band?
-KILL yourself or someone else and you will get top sales and promotion guaranteed.

Is there a future for Likblek and what does it look like?
We are working on the second album now when it’s a bit downtime with our main bands and perhaps we will record it in a not so distant future! Thanx for the interview.

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