Ever wondered what French modern metal sounds like. Try LILITH TO KILL for an answer. Although new to me I found there to be something to the band’s music that wanted me to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Lilith as a character is enshrouded in much mysticism throughout history. What made you want to have that name as part of your band name?
-Well, actually it’s just a part of my personality and it was a kind of nickname, so we thought it was a good idea and it sound good.

Although the French population is rather large we don’t see that many French metal bands making it out of the country and in to the international metal scene. Why is it that so many French metal bands have such a hard time making it big?
-Yes, it’s sad because we have many great bands in different kind of metal, even if we have lots of people who like this music, in France our big media are almost “allergic” to Metal, but since few years the things are going better and in future I’m sure we will see more and more French band internationally !

What is the French meal scene like outside of the black metal bands? Any bands you feel a kinship with?
-There is everything kinds of Metal in France, it’s very various! Also, we have no connections with Black Metal bands, but we are friends with Brutal Rebirth (Death Metal/France) we salute them!

What kind of live infrastructure is there for smaller bands to play in France? Can you set up a tour independently?
-Sure, we have lots of places to play, people likes to see new local bands! About tour, yes, but its cost money, its difficult independently

When you release a record basically on your own what kind of problems does that bring with it in terms of getting people to know about it?
-Here is the difficulty! Everyone told you with internet it’s more easy, but internet is huge so it’s important to communicated with fans, play on stage, doing good music can help naturally, to be on Battle Helm.. (laughs)

Has the DIY aesthetic improved with the use of internet? Do we see more sources/resources for you as a band to sell and marketing your own products (i.e. cdBaby or Big Cartel)?
-Actually, in our situation and for many bands, we must do everything and sometimes it’s hard to combine all of that, but it’s the only way to do.

I sometime get a feeling that social media like Facebook and Reverbnation can be treacherous in thinking that you are more popular than you actually are. How do you build a following that will last and not just be somebody hitting a “Like” button?
-That’s true sometimes, but every day we receive lots of messages from fans who are really interested by our music and we try to communicate every time we can with them and to create a kind of connection, our music is true and authentic like us, and I think people like it.

What would you say has been the most important factors in shaping the sound of Lilith To Kill? Has there been any one band that has meant more to you guys than any other?
-For us the sound is very important, like an identity, nothing is done randomly, we try to stay true at our convictions and do what we like!

How do you go about creating something that hasn’t been heard of before? How do you write a song that hasn’t been written already?
-We don’t think about that when we write music, it’s something natural, we just want to sound like Lilith To Kill, it’s our only goal

What future do Lilith To Kill have?
-We are looking for a good label, we write our future album and play more and more on stage!

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