French metal might have lived in the shadow for a long time but now we finally see it stepping out into the light (darkness) and with giant steps too. LIVARKAHIL deserves your attention. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I gotta ask about the band name. It seems a strange one to me. What’s behind it?
-LIVARKAHIL means “karma”. It’s very important to the band to have a goal and do what we have to do to get it. Each action you do has a consequence. That’s the meaning of LIVARKAHIL

Do you feel that people are coming round to French metal now days?
-Indeed. There’s a lot of very good bands here, in France. World knows Gojira of course, but we have some huge band here like : Dagoba, Kronos, Svart crown and many more. I think that French death metal scene got his own “touch” that’s why people are coming around to French metal.

When you play death metal how do you go about choosing what style to play?
-Well… we didn’t chose, we just do it ! It’s like breathing… We play death metal the way we want to do it ! It’s a way of life, that’s all.

Where do you find your greatest inspiration? What influences you the most?
-I didn’t listen to metal each day. I find my inspiration in life, human kind, religion… I plug my guitar and I play what my fingers want to play !

I often wonder why bands releases EPs and not only albums. What is there to an EP that motivates its release?
-We’ve released 2 albums and this Ep is not a “simple” Ep. Signs of decay, our second album, is a concept album based on religious autocracy and we wanted to “close” this concept with 5 more tracks dealing with the judgment of God. That’s why we chose to release an Ep for free download.

How do you feel that the band has been received by the fans? What kind of reactions have you had so far?
-Awesome ! Fans and media really enjoyed this release ! We’re very happy and proud of what we’ve done.

In building a fan base you have to do certain things. What things would you never do just to promote the band?
-I think the most important thing is to be what you are, don’t try to pretend something else. Do what you do with your heart. That’s the most important thing.

Do you feel that you’ve maximized the potential of the band so far? What else can you do to reach more fans?
-LK is a “young” band you know, and I’ve got some ideas for the future of the band 😉 So no, I haven’t maximized LK’s potential yet !

How much of a live act is Livarkahil? What kind of live show do you present?
-It depends… But we always try to offer a good, religious, martial, show ! It’s not a show, it’s a ceremony.

What can we expect from the band in the next 12 months?
-A lot of gigs ! We have to promote our second album and our EP ! See you on the road and thank you so much for your questions !

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