If you don’t know LIZZIES by know, now is the time to change that. I let Patricia answer some questions on different topics. Anders Ekdahl ©2018 <!–more–>

-Sometimes a band name catches your attention and makes you listen to them, so indeed it’s really important! On the other hand, a name maybe defines your style, attitude… It says a lot!! We’re Lizzies so better watch out! 

-When you listen to your songs finally finished it’s awesome, moreover after so much time working on the album. Personally, we don’t think people won’t like it, but the other way round, we like to fantasize about how the songs will work live, which one is gonna be a single… We already know not everybody is gonna like what we do, that’s impossible!
-It’s stressing and thrilling at the same time. We use to get a bit nervous cause we want everything to be perfect, find a good sound, and of course, what happened us every time on the studio: some songs are not finished and you find yourself in a rush. You have to finish them but also be happy with the result, and that’s not easy! Recording it’s another side of being musician, such a creative process and really inspiring, we like that a lot


-That’s difficult! You have to be active on social media and share interesting content (cool music videos, images…), and it’s good if you attend to gigs or festivals in your town or outside and meet other bands, collegues are so important! But do it because you like it, not for personal interest, which is so different. There’re no magical formulas eitherway!


-We don’t like tags at all, people tend to think too much about tagging bands, and of course there’s a difference between hard rock and death metal, but sometimes it’s not that easy! We have some heavy metal, hard rock or more punk-alike songs, for example, so there’s a spectrum
Playing in a band it’s a big responsibility as you’ve got the chance to comunicate a powerful message. It’s true that you feel part of something bigger, contributing your bit! Being part of a scene makes you feel not alone and when you have a chat with other bands you see how big is this, and that’s awesome!!


-As happened with the band name, the artwork can be even more important, as it can make someone notice you easily. It had happened to us to buy a record without knowing the band just because of the cover! It’s a different and a cool way to discover bands

-A record label not only helps you to release an album, but it can help you out economically and divide the work so you can focus on other things like writing albums, etc. which we think it’s really important. 

-About the music nowadays, Internet has changed everything, many people won’t buy you CDs because your music is already on YouTube or Spotify, and as a small band, that sucks because this is one of the most important sources of earnings, so you have to be so creative to keep people buying your stuff. I think it’s funny anyway!

-We like to turn gigs into a party, if you come to see us we will like to see you moving, dancing and smiling, we’ll do the rest haha! We don’t have special preferences, but we enjoy a lot playing in outdoors festivals for example!!
We’re now touring with our friends from Hypnos around Europe, and we will have some shows and festivals for next year, we hope there’s more touring cause this one has been amazing!!!

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