Spain might look like one cohesive country to us on the outside but the truth be told Spain is a lot of regions all with their own culture. Let LLVME tell you more about one of these regions. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I guess that you get asked this a lot but I thought at first that your name was a Roman numerical. Why did you choose a name that means Fire?
Eric: Fire is a powerful source of creation and destruction, goodness and malice, like our music.

When you come from Spain each region has its own cultural heritage. How do you use that as a metal band?
Eric: Well, some regions have a clear emphasis on their folklore and rural features, like where we come from, and this is obvious a big influence. As a metal band, we use these features in many passages with a marked folkish and rustic sound, using traditional instruments, like the “gaita de fole”, the hurdy-gurdy, violins or acoustic guitars.

Spain is not as a bad a metal country as we might think. What is it like a metal band in Spain?
Eric: We are not very proud of Spanish metal scene, since creativity isn’t a very strong point here, and people aren’t very keen on underground music. However, we do our best to compose and play the music we like and not what others want to listen to. Anyway there are a few awesome bands we really appreciate, like Numen.

When you sign with a label, any label, what is it that you expect to get out of it?Eric: We expect the label to promote our album the best way possible. In magazines, online reviews and interviews like this one, etc. We expect it makes people get to know Llvme.

Why do bands today sign to a label when it is so easy to do it all yourself DIY-style?
Eric: Probably because you need a lot of contacts to expand your music, and musicians don’t have the possibility to cover many regions, overall outsides their country. Furthermore, because in every band there are only 1 or 2 members that really move the promotion of the band, and this ends up burning them out of energy and patience.

How pleased are you with your new album? Is the work ever done? Are there still things you?d like to have done differently?
Eric: We are very satisfied with the work done and the result of our new album. Great rehearsing, great recording, great mixing (with Daniel Cardoso: Anathema, Anneke van Giersbergen…) and great sound. We just expect it gets a great acceptance 😛

When you are a smaller band how do you go about getting on the right kind of tours/festivals?
Eric: Well, our personal lives don’t allow us to do much touring, since every one of us have their studies, job or whatever, and this is our priority…

How much importance is there to the promotional work done through the social media?
Eric: Nowadays this promotion in social media is crucial, since music listeners get all the music from the internet, read reviews, etc. We are also being mainly promoted through the internet.

Is the paper magazines still an important part of a bands promotion? What kind of printed media is there in Spain that can help a band out?
Eric: There are a few magazines like “Heavy” or “Rockzone”, but well, we don’t have any idea if people still buy paper magazines in kiosks and that stuff…

What do you see in the future for LLVME?
Eric: Well… we will keep on making music with new influences and rehearsing in order to give a few concerts in Spain and then… probably record another awesome album even better than this one.
Thanks a lot for the interview, and we hope you have enjoyed it. Feel free to check the album out in our Facebook or in myspace 😉

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