LOREWEAVER has a cool name that kinda gives away what kind of metal they play. And if you can’t figure it out the n read the interview. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

Why does the band exist?
Irma: This answer must be replied by Francesco and Lorenzo, the only two members from the origins of Loreweaver. Francesco e Lorenzo: ehehe we started this band really long time ago…… we started to play together just for fun…… and surprising we are still playing for the same reason…… we left someone on the road during this period….but we are lucky, we are still here as 5 friend spending our time together!

What experience do you have from other bands? What do you bring with you to this new one?
Irma: I have been in gothic metal bands before, so I took with me a lyrical impostation, but I decided to use it less than before, in fact, joining Loreweaver, I have done a lot of work on my voice to change my impostation with my teacher, Cesare Zanotti.

When you formed did you have a clear vision of what sort of metal you would play? What bands were your guiding stars?
Lorenzo: nah….. we started for fun… we haven’t a clear idea of what we would like to do….. in fact we started almost as a power metal band…… but probably because it was easy to play…. when we started to write music all our differences in musical taste/approach become “prog”

How do you view lyrics? Is it important to have a message?
Irma: Yes, it is really important to me! When I hear a song that I like, the first thing for me is to go view the lyrics….and if I don’t like it, the song lose a piece of fascination to me.

Is it important that your art work has a message or can it just be nice to look at?
Irma: It’s the same thing for the lyrics, everything must have a message, clear or hidden…

How important is image? Has the thought of what image is changed with the times?
Irma: Image is very important today, but it’s not all, without the technique is useless.

How fierce is the competition in establishing a new band, to build a name?
Paolo: The competition is great and more quality! But this is good because if you get consensus means that you really did a good job.

How important is visibility, to be seen on the right places? Has social media still the same impact on spreading a bands name today? Which social media is the best?
Daniele: The visibility is essential , if a person doesn’t know you exist , how could listen to your music ?
Paolo: I dare say that Social media are essential because they allow to reach at no cost a potentially unlimited number of people making known their whole activity of a Band in times virtually immediate . In my opinion you have to be present so diligent and professional on Facebook and Youtube .

How important has your latest recording been in bringing the band to new fans that had not heard of you before?
Francesco: Unfortunately, Barbara leaved the band right before Italic was released…useless to say that it was pretty hard for us to sell a cd that you’ll never have the possibility to hear live because of it! So, surely less compared to what we had planned…

How much touring can you do in smaller venues before it becomes stale and counter productive?
Irma: The smallest venues are a necessary step for a while, but it don’t mean that are useless, sometimes you know very good people there! Have humility is a good thing, we don’t pretend to be who we aren’t at the moment…but have consistently and knowing how to sell is fundamental to arrive at the big ones!

What does the future hold?
Loreweaver: Obviously, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll!! 😀 Hahahah, really, a lot of work !! We are writing the new album with the new singer! 😉 But we’ll also play live! So, we hope to arrive at the ears and the heart of many people as possible!

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