This is a band that I know absolutely nothing about. Which makes this interview with LOVE MIGHT KILL perfect to get to know more about the band. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

When you are on your second album does it feel like you are finding you spot on the metal chart?
Michael Ehré: We hope so…the responses on our debut were overwhelming. Let´s see how “2 Big 2 Fail” will be accepted. The first reviews were as good as they´ve been for “Brace for impact”. In the end the fans will decide though it´s hard nowadays to establish a new band as the album sellings are going down from day to day….

Why such a non-metal band name? What symbolism is there to it?
M.E.: It was very hard to find a band name that was brand new. Every idea we had was in use by another band. So we knew we had to find something exotic. I had the idea of “Love.Might.Kill” when I was watching German TV. There was a short trailer of a movie. The name of that movie was in German language and it was similar to “Love.Might.Kill”. Not exactly the same but similar.

When you do a professional video clip where do you intend to show it? Are the still shows laying music videos? Is it not all net based nowadays?
M.E.: For a band like ours it´s only net based. Our first clip “Pretty Little Mess” was shown in Japanese TV a couple of times but not in Germany or Europe or anywhere else. But even when it´s only available in the net, in my opinion it´s absolutely necessary to produce videoclips to promote an album and establish a band. We love to do that and we will surely do more in the future.

How would you like to describe the progression between the first album and this new one?
M.E.: In my opinion the new album is a big step forward in terms of the sound and the songwriting. The album sounds very fresh and powerful because we learned a lot during the production of our first record. We did a lot of things better now! Another point is that the first album was written by our singer Jan and me alone while “2 Big 2 Fail” also features songs and ideas from Christian, Sascha and Stefan. So we have a much wider range on this album though you can still hear that it´s a Love.Might.Kill-album.

When you’ve been doing music for a long time where do you find the power to keep going? What is it that is so great about making music?
M.E.: Making music is not a job – it´s a passion. You must be a little bit crazy to be a part of the music-biz, because it´s a hard biz where you have to work much harder than anywhere else to make a living. Especially nowadays it´s not easy because you don´t sell many albums though a lot of people have your album…but you should not complain. It´s the way it is and I´m thankful.

How important is the art work to you? What is it that you want it to say to the buyer?
M.E.: The artwork is very important in my opinion. The artwork sells your record. The “2 Big 2 Fail” artwork expresses the way we feel in Love.Might.Kill: “together we´re strong – stronger than everyone else!”. You see these thousands of bats who come together to create the Love.Might.Kill-sign. A very strong message!

Do you even think about them being sung in the future when you write them?
M.E.: No, that happens naturally.

Where do you see Love.Might.Kill fit into today’s hardrock/metal scene? What kind of audience do you feel that you attract?
M.E.: That´s hard to say. I think the new album will show…I hope that we won´t disappoint our fans. It would be cool if we could extend our fanbase with “2 Big 2 Fail”. Nowadays the kind of music that we play has very young and very old fans. It´s not only music for kids or for old rockers. The metalfans from the eighties (where I grew up) are the parents of the metalheads from today.

What part does playing live play today? Are the touring possibilities as great today as they?ve been in the past?
M.E.: First of all: playing live is probably even more important than it was ever before. But it´s also harder because there are too many bands while the clubs are closing one after another…the people don´t have that much money to visit all the concerts. It´s also very expensive to tour, especially when you´re a newcomer. You have to invest a lot though you don´t earn any money. Another point is that a lot of fans concentrate on the summer-festivals because you get the chance to see a lot of your favourite bands. We will play our first tour ever in October and I hope that some people will show up.

What future would you like to see for Love.Might.Kill?
M.E.: I hope that the people like our new album. That would give us the opportunity to continue and do a third record. I also hope that we can play a lot of shows and maybe some festivals. That would be a dream come true. Nothing more – nothing less.

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