I’ve been into polish bands since the 80s and they were under the command of the Soviet Union. Nowadays life might be easier but that hasn’t weakened the force of the Polish metal bands. LUNA AD NOCTUM being proof of it. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

You are on your fourth album now. Does it feel like the progress for the band has been what you set out for it to be?
AN6: hi, our music has developed through all these years definitely. “Hypnotic Inferno” album has exactly everything what we’ve been working on to obtain a good sound and rewarding overall shape. We did our best to gain a selective sound, as a passable balance between drums and guitars as well. The idea for this album was to obtain a brutal kick ass together with a selective sound. We’ve reduced either keyboard significantly or use 5 strings bass as well. Yeah, certainly we’ve found the right direction, so I guess we gonna follow this way.

What kind of competition is there between bands in Poland? Do you applaud the success of bands like Behemoth and Decapitated or is there only envy?
AN6: Basically Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader are the most well known bands from Poland. Personally I’m very glad and truly applaud their success. All we ought to do is just to be proud of them trying to strive for own success as well. Anyway, it’s obvious that there is a competition between bands here or anywhere else. It’s known, we have a spacious metal scene in Poland. You can easily notice a lot of different kind of groups, many of them play very well, but let’s face the truth; most will never cross some upper level. Anyway we should appreciate creativeness and persistent in striving the target.

Can we speak of a Polish black metal sound? What is black metal to you and how does that manifest itself in your music?
AN6: I’ve been black metal maniac since I first listened to Bathory in 1994. I remember that time, being so much enchanted by raw old school sound and of course anti- christian ideology. I found out that was exactly what I had been looking for. After all these years I can surely say that many of those emotions still are being kept in my heart, especially anti-christian attitude or rebel against catholicism as well. Regarding music, I become much more demanding from black metal, of course ideology and message is very important but music development is critical for me. Take a look at Luna Ad Noctum former lps. how our music’s changed since our 1st album in 2001. I also decided to make changes in the lyrics concept for much more real, tangible, horrific subject as human unpredictable devastated mind. It’s worth noting here that we still keep wearing make up on our faces.

Is there a thematic that you follow when it comes to lyrics and art work? Where does the inspiration for it come from?
AN6 : we agreed to make a concept album this time, focuses on human emotions by various experiences in ordinary world. Mental breakdown, neurosis , depression, inability to find self in a real world. The consequences of reaching out for psychoactive substances using no standard therapy. Intoxication till loosing control, lack of ability to distinguish reality from hallucinations or imaginary world. Drugs, opium or ether, helps to fly far away into unexplored , incomprehensible perspectives. Apparently, it helps somehow for a while, but as a result we become heartless, strange creature, farced by medications, waking zombie filled with incomprehensible extreme emotions. This is based on true human stories, which I cumulate together and prepare lyrics for the album. Real emotions are the main inspiration for Luna Ad Noctum right now.

How hard is it to come up with something truly unique today? What kind of agenda do you set when you write a new album? What is it that you want the album to say to us listeners?
AN6 : it is almost impossible to invent something unique in terms of music nowadays. I guess, it’s the matter of market fulfilled by different shit. But from the other hand, anyone can find something unique everywhere. This is the matter of fancy. We work together at home or rehearsal place, every song is coming from our heart and emotions. We try combine good selected riffs which will determine the whole track afterwards. The point is to arrange it as accurate as it is possible. I don’t give a shit if somebody say “oh it sounds familiar for me, I heard similar before “. I know that everyone expect something unique, so go ahead and try to invent something new he he…

From what I understand Poland is a very conservative and proud country. How tough is it to be a metal band in Poland and get the recognition you deserve? What are the Polish metal fans like when it comes to supporting the native bands?
AN6 : yes definitely. Poland is still too much conservative & old fashioned unfortunately. It doesn’t matter that we are in EU. I have a constant feeling that this country is still being so fusty a lot. Anyway, we’re doing our job no matter what other people say. We’ve been criticized many times because of image, beliefs or even threatened by some stupid organizations..We used to have a problem with finding any place for our rehearsal even, but we still exist for almost 15 years fighting in this unequal combat he he. This is polish reality. Anyway the scene is growing; many people still listen to metal music going for our gigs. last time I noticed that we have already linked two generations. Many young faces banging head in front of scene and serious mature metal heads moving faintly by every Luna Ad Noctum tone. This is good symptom and I expect that the power of metallers will keep on this shit going.

I’ve noticed that many Polish bands are using pseudonyms. What do they mean to you?
AN6: this is kind of expression of our second nature. As daily life is different, we must follow some standards like job, earning money etc. thus music is our second life. Nick names help us to support the atmosphere in band. I cannot imagine if we could use our normal names in line up. Pseudonyms are cool in fact aren’t they? he he

When you look back on your catalogue how do the previous albums fit in with this new one?
AN6: I think this is great part of Luna Ad Noctum history. All these 3 previous albums show us the feelings and our expressions being part of ourselves for that period of time. We like our former recordings very much, this is our legacy anyway. The sound and music arrangement or composing process was quite different than we proceed it now. I think it’s kind of development and current sophisticated point of view. We’ve been working a lot, finally we found out that we need to go towards something fresh and quite new to obtain desired results. The “Hypnotic Inferno” album is the quintessence, a golden mean of our effort towards satisfaction of all our 4 guys.

What does it mean to be on a label like Massacre? What can they help you with to further your career as LUNA AD NOCTUM?
AN6: I hope so we have new album come out and so far I can notice good promotion activity. We have already signed deal with booking agency so many shows and tour coming up. I guess everything’s s going into the right direction. You know we just treat all this as a good adventure. We’re bit eager to do our best to promote Luna Ad Noctum as much as it is possible. I’d like to avoid any regret or pangs of conscience after that many things could have been done better etc. We’re glad and appreciate very much being part of Massacre army, and there is no a secret that we would like take an advantage of this given opportunity. Anyhow, the most important is to get the positive feedback from metallers all over the world, where we never got chance to reach before.

What would you like to see the future bring with it?
AN6: We’re willing to play shows and gigs. Live music is the key when u have new album behind. We’ve just started preparing brand new stuff for another LP. Many ideas has been recorded and noted as well. Let’s see what future brings.
I recommend to visit our web site : and FB profile : You can check out our plans and events date. Many greets for our fans ! See You at LAN’s shows !

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